Machine guns everywhere

Myth of criminal use of machiune guns

This is a pet peeve of mine, and it’s good to see it getting some ink. Since 1934, there have been only two murders using machine guns, one by a policeman and one by a policeman’s wife using. one he left unlocked in his car.

Yet every criminal we see on TV today is using a full automatic variant of an AR, A4 or AK. I really believe it is the proliferation of such weapons on TV and in movies that has led to increased use of semi-auto AR’s by nutcases.

23 thoughts on “Machine guns everywhere

      1. Shot on the rise?

        That’s how I wanna go. I wanna die in bed, shot by a jealous husband; it’s either that or like my grandfather did, quietly in his sleep, and not screaming and kicking like his passengers.

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          1. Oh, it do, it do. What’s in a name? Would not a rose by any other also not wither and die? Or, at the very least spark the curious yellow. Or was it blue?

            But… in the 70s or 60s, sometime just after Masters and Johnson, they gathered groups of men with disparate backgrounds in a “waiting room” and monitored the conversations. Inevitably, the conversations turned to two subjects — cars and sex. A welder and a banker, a Democrat or a Republican, will eventually discuss the merits of injection, fuel or otherwise.

            I take comfort in the likeness of being… male.

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          2. Well, it worked out for a boy named “Sue”…

            Are sure it wasn’t sex in cars?

            Regardless, I would have been an anomaly in the M&J study…

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  1. RE: “I really believe it is the proliferation of such weapons on TV and in movies that has led to increased use of semi-auto AR’s by nutcases.”

    Were we a rational nation, we would not have banned fully automatic firearms in 1934. But, as with racial legislation (both liberal and discriminatory) that also should have been unnecessary under the Bill of Rights, we allowed political passions to shape the law.

    You can’t change reality by statute, but you can by media.


    1. Yes,… what we should have banned was “A-Team” violence on TV, wherein they empty full-auto weapons and never draw blood.

      Hollywood, and any video reproductions, should be forced, by law, to show the full graphic effects of such weapons in any production rated PG or higher.

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      1. Not long ago, ER doctors put out a statement about the horrors of treating gunshot injuries.

        The NRA blasted the doctors because they should shut up and “stay in their lane”.

        “Truth is the first casualty of war” goes a famous quote.

        Conservatives have a propensity to elevate any criticism or cultural action to “war”. War on Christmas. War on religion. War on drugs. With 10’s of thousands of gun fatalities, many times that injured or disabled, recurring mass shootings it is apparent that the “war on the American people” has been overlooked.

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  2. …”should have been unnecessary”… You are right. They should not have been necessary. But because of people that believe the Bill of Rights only apply to them, the legislation became necessary to protect ALL Americans.

    You can’t change reality by statute, BUT you can make some realities punishable by law.


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