PJM: Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Files Federal Complaint Against Biden, Charging He ‘Abused His Power’


Not knowing anything about Ukrainian law, I have no idea what the significance of Shokin’s complaint might be. Maybe we should give him a passport and let him testify in our impeachment trial, should the Senate swing that way.

20 thoughts on “PJM: Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Files Federal Complaint Against Biden, Charging He ‘Abused His Power’

  1. Timing is interesting, doncha think? He was fired almost 4 years ago, but waited this long to file a complaint. Kind of like how Trump didn’t give a rat’s ass about corruption in Ukraine until the time that Biden got in the race.

    Talk about a nothing burger….

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      1. Sure. But in all honesty, Trump’s interest in corruption had more to do with trying to figure out what kind of money he and his cronies (Giuliani comes to mind) could make by exploiting said corruption. -IMHO


  2. Absurd deflection; it just got “real” with the new revelations that ACTUALLY matter.

    Since the GOP cowards would not put on a trial, Bolton and Parnas have put THEM on trial.


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        1. No doubt lots of foreign leaders were getting their piece of the action as well. But that’s other countries problem. In OUR country, the Vice President was withholding aid to get the prosecutor investigating his son’s “employer” fired.

          Other countries should do their own investigations.

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          1. Oh, I did not realize that you knew this was the case. Perhaps the Senate should have asked you first. The rest of us, including most of the Senate, thought Trump was wrong.

            Lamar Alexander said:

            “I think he did something that was clearly inappropriate,” Mr. Alexander said. “I think it is inappropriate for the president to ask the leader of a foreign nation to investigate a leading political rival, which the president says he did. I think it is inappropriate at least in part to withhold aid to encourage that investigation.”

            In addition:

            “ Americans would not tolerate the Senate stepping in to substitute its own judgment for that of the voters fewer than 10 months before the next election.”

            Reminds me of Mitch and Obama’s SCOTUS nomination.

            Bit, no sweat. We have set a precedence that the president can do pretty much whatever he wants to get elected, to damage political opponents, to extort other nations to investigate citizens.

            Bottom line is that Trump did shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and senators are wetting their pants in fear of Trump.

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          2. Rubio REALLY explained the GOP position of fear and capitulation in his statement :

            “”Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best interest of the country to remove a President from office. …
            “… I will not vote to remove the President because doing so would inflict extraordinary and potentially irreparable damage to our already divided nation.””

            So meeting the standard of impeachment is STILL not enough to vote FOR impeachment? How many people does he have to shoot on 5th Avenue before McConnell and the rest of the toady Senators of the GOP stop wiping the blood of off his shoes?

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          3. That is at least a less dishonest explanation for acquittal. Of course the “irreparable damage” is a Democratic President. But, hey, Rubio’s family were Mexican terrorists or something like that when Trump was yapping insults during his campaign. Or was it Cruz whose dad was the Kennedy assassin? Hard to keep track of the presidential lies without a scorecard.

            Yet, the testimony of Bolton would not have changed the outcome of the senate vote. That was cast in concrete. It would have been nice to at last hear the truth about Trump and his extortion scheme before letting him off the hook.

            Unfortunately conservatives fear truth, particularly when it come to Trump. His lies are safer and more entertaining.

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          4. RE: “No doubt lots of foreign leaders were getting their piece of the action as well.”

            That’s the key. Too many Americans are just flat unwilling to grasp the nature of the scam, the misuse of taxpayer money in foreign aid.

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          5. Lie Lie Lie! Stop saying the VP was withholding the loan guarantees. It was the administration’s policy, along with that of other western powers. Biden was the point man. If it had been Hillary doing as SecState, you would be calling for investigations of her for that. Like Benghazi, there is no there there.

            I have posted on at least two occasions, the explanations of Shokin’s firing, from NON-US media sources. Read them. Pay attention to them and stop attempting to spread the conspiracy BS that it was all because of Biden.


          6. And I have pointed out that Biden was not the ONLY foreign leader the oligarchs were buying off for protection against Shokin.

            You could be right, but so could I. That’s why an investigation is appropriate.

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          7. I get it. You fear Biden as much as Trump does. How many more Benghazi investigations is it going to take before you stop the BS deflection campaign?


          8. And why is that? Because Biden is the only one he has been able to ATTEMPT to dig up dirt on through attempted extortion of a key ally.

            And after the vote yesterday by the GOP to deny witnesses and documents, going against the wishes of 75% of the country including 49% or Republicans, the energy is firmly on the left.


          9. RE: “I have posted on at least two occasions, the explanations of Shokin’s firing”

            Yes, false explanations in both instances. Specifically, Shokin’s investigation of Burisma was active, not dormant, at the time Shokin was fired. This, too, has been reported by non-U.S. media sources, such as Ukraine’s own Interfax news agency.

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