And now for something completely different

Minor apologies to Monty Python.

Does Falwell really think Virginia residents of any county want to shift to West Virginia over gun rights and for anti-choice government? If they want their public education to drop even further and to lose the tax monies they get from Richmond, feel free.

Are the invited counties contiguous to WV? Or is Chesapeake gonna be a territory in the vein of Guam?

13 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. That would be a tactical mistake. It would just make VA bluer and not make WV any redder.

    Besides, it’s running away from a fight. Better to concentrate on getting out the vote in rural VA and make VA red again.


    1. RE: “That would be a tactical mistake.”

      Probably so, if implemented. It’s not bad as a persuasion tactic.


    2. you’d have to get a LOT of people to move to rural VA to turn it red again. And what happens when those from northern VA move to the rural areas to escape the crowding? The area your voting bloc covets gets BLUER.


      1. Turnout in the last election was 31%.

        If conservatives got burned enough in the last election to get out 60% of their vote and the Democrats remain only as motivated as last election, it will be a conservative landslide.

        Turnout is everything, and Northam has guaranteed we will be there. Probably armed.


        1. Nice. Going to vote armed and intimidating others and preventing them from voting. Is that the NEW normal for gun advocates? That is what happened on Lobby Day. People stayed away because of the fear of the armed. Just because there were, thankfully, no issues, does not change the fact that other parties interested in lobbying stayed away in droves.

          And if you think the turn out will increase that much on your side, don’t think the other side won’t work hard to do the same.


          1. If you think it was about intimidation, you are projecting. It was about demonstrating that large numbers of citizens with very different political views and personal tastes can be together armed and be entirely peaceful.

            If you are intimidated by the very same armed citizens who are around you every day because they are visibly armed, you suffer from a form of mental illness called ‘hoplophobia’ Good people armed are still good people.

            Lobby day passed with no incidents, and was undoubtedly the safest downtown Richmond has been in decades.

            Don’t let your irrational fears imprison you.


          2. It may not have been about intimidation, but many were intimidated and stayed away. Part of it was the threat, luckily thwarted by federal officials, that outside militia and anti-government groups were coming to start a “race war” or any other trouble.

            Personally, I was not intimidated. but others were. And I agree that good people armed are still good people. It is the BAD people that are also so armed that concern me. And while a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, one bad guy in Richmond could have very easily started a blood bath with one shot. To say otherwise is to be blind to that possibility.


  2. So, I will certainly agree that the NoVa – Richmond – Tidwater corridor gets all the $$ and the west of the state is often screwed. My home state of MA was like this as well, but has been better about improving things in the center of the state and some areas out west, although Springfield and Chicopee still get the shaft.

    But WV? Worst in the country economy, worst infrastructure, bottom 10 in education, health care and pollution. And Charleston & Morgantown get all the state $$ – there would be no support for Lynchburg.


    1. “ NoVa – Richmond – Tidwater corridor gets all the $$ and the west of the state is often screwed.”

      Those three areas generate the most income for the state’s economy I believe.

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