A Tale of a Stinky Little Fish

Only YOU can prevent fish decimation….

Dear Virginia BoatU.S. Member:

Legislation is currently under review in Richmond to fix how Virginia manages an important forage fish, Atlantic Menhaden, which is vital to the health of the Chesapeake Bay. We urge you to ask your state legislators to pass the bills that will transfer the authority to manage this fishery from the General Assembly to the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC).

You can easily send a message to your state representative and senator by…  or paste the link at the end of this email into your browser address bar.

Currently Virginia is not complying with Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) regulations on the management of menhaden. Healthy, well-managed menhaden stocks support a healthy Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, menhaden have been targeted by commercial companies that have violated the ASMFC’s harvest limits.

VMRC has the expertise to make science-based fishery management decisions for the menhaden fish stocks as it currently does for all other saltwater fisheries managed in the state. The transfer of management authority to VMRC will not have a negative impact on the menhaden fishery, but instead will ensure Virginia’s timely compliance with ASMFC’s interstate fishery management plan as do all other neigboring states.


Please speak up now and share this information with your fishing and boating friends, neighbors, yacht clubs and marinas.


7 thoughts on “A Tale of a Stinky Little Fish

    1. Had to change out a cooling fan.

      It has been along time coming. It finally took a threat of a Federal shutdown to overcome the power of the AFL/CIO and the NAACP, who were our primary opponents on getting proper regulation of the fishery.


      1. I’m confused as to why the blame is being put on the AFL/CIO and NAACP. I don’t recall you mentioning those organizations previously on this issue. Also, what do they have to do with limits on menhaden? The union, perhaps, but the NAACP?


        1. It struck me as odd too.

          But when I spoke to the Senate Agriculture committee representing the sport fishing alliance 2 years ago, the only speakers against professional regulation were Omega Protein, the AFL/CIO and the NAACP. Further, many of the Delegates I lobbied on the issued cited being unable to buck the NAACP as why they could not support the move.

          The workers at Omega are not disproportionately black, so I suspect that Omega bought the NAACP leader’s support.


          1. Thank you for the explanation. And you are probably right. But I still have to ask the question, “Why?” And I’m not asking you. Just a general WTF type of thing.

            Also, which delegates were you speaking with? I only ask because if it was the majority party members at the time, it shows a lack of conviction. …”many of the Delegates I lobbied on the issued cited being unable to buck the NAACP as why they could not support the move.” Power over commonwealth?


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