Oh, to be free…

Well, just received my Va Driver License renewal notification with the “Real ID” option.  What fun, what fun.

To “upgrade” to a Real ID license, I need to renew in person, show a US Passport (or other federally approved ID), or a Social Security Card (which says right on the back, “Not a Valid ID”), and a birth certificate (if it had a picture it would be worthless and I don’t remember signing it) or voter registration card (I remind you that in 2012 Mickey Mouse was a registered Va voter in Richmond), plus two forms of proof of address, e.g. a utility bill or a mortgage statement.

Is that what it has come to?  In the days of automatic bill pay and online everything, the proof that I have a street address depends on copies of bills?

Wait, wait!  How about the renewal application that the DMV just mailed to me?  Isn’t the fact that I am holding in my hand something mailed by the DMV to me at my current license address good enough to prove to the DMV that they have my address?  Sheesh.

BTW, if you think Americans are “free”, just try to leave.


10 thoughts on “Oh, to be free…

  1. I just got mine a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it was a pain, but I brought more than I needed. But if you have a valid passport, you don’t need a Real ID to fly, just to get into a military area.

    I think.

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    1. Ah, just yet ANOTHER agency to be hacked and all of your personal info lost.

      Lemme see, the Chinese got it all on me in the OPM hack. And then, somebody got me again in the Equifax hack. Just can’t wait to give it away in the Great Hack of the VDMV…

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    1. If liability were the only reason then maybe, but the roads are public property. Now, is a drivers license even necessary on a private road? In short, no.

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      1. There are many things better done by the private sector that we have simply become accustomed to leaving to government.

        Consider that if in order to drive on the public highways, you were required to have a driver’s license, reported to the State and meeting its identity requirements, but issued by your liability insurer, how that would be different.

        First, it would eliminate crappy customer service as if the lines were long and the process burdensome at Allstate, you could always take your business to GIECO or Progressive.

        Next, in order to drive, you would have to have liability coverage.

        Finally, and most importantly, there would be powerful incentives to improve driver safety. Since the insurer is at risk, discounts and pricing could create incentives toward good driving and monitored behavior. Really bad drivers could be priced out of the market and kept off the roads.

        And all without stepping into a DMV.


        1. Yes, DMV is a pain. On the other hand, if you want to change insurance companies, you have to get their license. With the advent of real ID, this would be another hurdle.

          The insurer is always at risk now. Rates are based on your driving record now. Really bad drivers are kept off the road now. And some insurers are monitoring your habits in real time for better rates.

          Look at the mess in health insurance. Different coding for every insurer. A paperwork mess.

          There are benefits to standardizing certain licensing and ID requirements.

          Improve the DMV rather than fragment the driving permits among hundreds of different companies.

          Actually, the DMV has a lot of services online already. And they work pretty well.

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          1. But you can get a Concealed Carry Permit, according to ads I’ve gotten. I have often wondered how proficiency is tested via the internet.


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