Mideast peace plan resembles a real estate deal: will it work?


It’s certainly a different approach.

Some of observations:

$50 Billion from the Arab countries for the Palestinians sounds encouraging. Is it enough for the Palestinian buy in? Not the amount so much as the incentive of cash versus political and religious differences.

The Palestinians have 4 years to accept or reject. That seems like kicking the can down the road, but with a detailed plan rather than goals. Elections in both Israel and the US for leaders under pressure seem to provide incentives.

The map looks like a Republican district in Virginia, but may be a starting point because it does provide a contiguous border. Sort of. It needs a long tunnel to work.

I think the hardest buy-ins are the existing settlements within the Palestinian territory. That would be like giving Mexico control over a few dozen towns in Texas. On the other hand, it could lead to better relations if the orthodox on both sides don’t screw it up. Leap of faith required.

I am sure that since this just came out unilaterally, there will still be a lot of negotiations to come. Which puts this in the same category as past agreements. That is, we are seeing the first offer, not a deal. Counter offers to be announced.

27 thoughts on “Mideast peace plan resembles a real estate deal: will it work?

  1. The Palestinians have already rejected the plan. In my opinion, it is because they weren’t at the table when the plan was developed and their interests are not being considered.

    I am happy a plan has been put forward. I pray that the parties involved negotiate in good faith. But I wonder if negotiation is even an option at this point, as the Palestinians are not known for negotiating for anything that involves peace with Israel.


    1. Nothing but re-election propaganda to give the illusion of progress. Page 34 of the document is an instant deal breaker.

      80,000 Israeli citizens homesteading on disputed land are going NO WHERE…

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      1. It will be interesting to see if this plan helps Bibi in any way shape or form in his upcoming election. Reports have said that his opponent in the election has also signed off on it as well. But most of those reports came from Trump himself. I haven’t seen it reported anywhere else that Benny has said it.

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      2. Negotiating with Palestinians is like negotiating with gun control advocates.

        Whatever deal you strike will just be the starting point for a new list of demands. The Palestinians will be satisfied only when the last Israeli is dead.


        1. @Donald

          It must be tiring to be so relentlessly negative on such a wide ranging number of issues.

          The options offered to the Palestinians are ridiculous on their face. Yes, they will negotiate and make their own demands which the Israelis will reject.

          Israel has been disingenuous for decades because they simply want it ALL, and for the Palestinians to just disappear.

          I can not sanction that outcome.


          1. Really? How long after Israel became independent did it take for the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors to first try to exterminate all the Jews in Israel?

            Hint: It’s a trick question.

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          2. Yes. I did like your post. However, I am a hopeful man that maybe this plan will get the players to the table. Just don’t let Pompeo in. He has to ask where countries are on maps.


          3. @Tabor

            What you leave out of your assessment of the evil Arabs is that in 1947 the Zionists could rightfully be viewed as foreign invaders and that the creation of the State of Israel was something forced on the indigenous people by foreign powers. So yes, They did try unsuccessfully to defend themselves in those early days.

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          4. @Tabor

            Attempting to make the Israelis the victim is again, ridiculous.

            Neither side in this match made in hell is blameless. However, at this juncture the power to effect an acceptable outcome lies with Israel. With leaders like Netanyahu it has become increasingly difficult and will remain so until the right wing power structure is replaced with a more temperate ruling party..

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        2. Well, there is no deal yet. The Palestinians were never part of the package until just recently. In this proposal there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved.

          I am not sure I understand why, if there were no Palestinians involved, it took 3 years to develop this plan. It may very well be that this time allowed Israel to vastly increase the settlements in the territory.

          That would be truly moving the goalposts from the storied start of Kushner’s efforts.

          We might look for a accusations in the near future that the Palestinians were not acting in good faith for a plan they never saw.

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    2. People tend to forget that up through the end of World War 2, what we know today as Israel was known as Palestine and was overwhelmingly a Muslim country. Before Zionism took hold and Jewish immigration accelerated the Ottoman Empire census of 1914 reported that Palestine had a population of 657,000 Muslim Arabs, 81,000 Christian Arabs, and 59,000 Jews. As late as 1948, the population was still 2/3 Muslim Arabs. The point is, the Palestinians have very good reason to be very suspicious and wary. And their leaders must tread carefully. Besides, there is PLENTY blame that belongs at the feet of the fascist Likud Party who has systematically expanded “settlements” in the West Bank, made disputed Jerusalem their de facto capital and treated Israeli Arabs as second-class citizens while pretending to talk peace and reconciliation. And, for good measure, they have turned the Gaza Strip into a modern day analog of the Ghettos created by the National Socialist Party in Germany.

      It would, IMHO, be fair to say . . .

      “But I wonder if negotiation is even an option at this point, as Likud is not known for negotiating for anything that involves peace with the Palestinians.”

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  2. Off topic, but a question. I already emailed Don about it, but I am wondering if anyone else is having issues trying to post a new topic for discussion here. I click on the WRITE tab and the page starts to load, but then nothing happens. Anybody?


    1. I tried to post something and then realized I don’t have “author” status so maybe it put a pig in the line.
      Keep meaning to send Doc an email so he can bestow upon my tush the golden pen.


      1. @Adam

        I have found that Chrome causes this sort of problems sometimes. You might try going to the task manager in Windows (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and scroll down to processes being run by Google Chrome and end them. There might be several. End then all. Then restart Chrome and try again.


  3. Some say that it is an impossible endeavor and they may be right; however, if anyone can negotiate a real ME peace deal, it is Mr Trump.

    The so-called experts have been wrong about everything else for three straight yrs and Mr Trump has already proven that he knows more about foreign policy than they do.


        1. While you overlook the fact that Magic Mitch has held about 80% of the legislation the Dems did get done because… well… He doesn’t like it. Yeah, that’s his only excuse. Except maybe he is afraid to put his caucus on the record voting against things like controlling drug prices, protecting health care and a vast number of items that he can’t seem to dig out of his … desk.

          As far as Trump’s foreign policy chops, I have one question: Could HE find Ukraine on Pompeo’s map? Or better yet, can he spell European Union, or NATO. Dear Vlad/Kim/Erdogan are his the only foreign friends that he has anything decent to say anything about. Our allies are all leaches., Yeah, GREAT foreign policy decisions.

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    1. I tried to find something on that with little luck. I got this tidbit instead.

      In 3/18 MBS admonished the Palestinian leaders that they had been offered plans for decades and essentially told them it was time to accept something and move on.


      “According to my sources, the Saudi Crown Prince told the Jewish leaders:

      “In the last several decades the Palestinian leadership has missed one opportunity after the other and rejected all the peace proposals it was given. It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining.”

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