“Can’t speak my piece without my piece.”


“While we are grateful for the precautions taken by law enforcement, the governor’s actions will unfortunately impede the ability of the people to exercise not only their Second Amendment rights, but their First Amendment rights as well”, said Minority Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah.

So lobbying your legislators requires one to be armed? I did not know that.

I applaud the actions of the governor. Charlottesville turned violent because of all the out of state groups representing Nazis, White Supremacists and other assorted self-styled, armed, militia yahoos that joined the 3 Confederate history buffs marching to save a statue. Shouting anti-Semitic slogans was part of the story, too. (Was Lee an anti-Semite?)

I would like to think that the gun lobby has more brains than those folks. But since the organizer cannot prevent out of state “militias” from coming, who knows what can happen. The threats received have to be taken seriously.

Already the right wing conspiracy mills are working overtime with rumors of cutting power and communications to rural counties over this gun issue. This is an emotion packed event. Allowing weapons to 100,000 demonstrators in a confined space would be stupid.


31 thoughts on ““Can’t speak my piece without my piece.”

  1. The “cold dead hands crowd” is worried all those crazy “gun control nuts” are gonna take-em out when they’re unarmed.

    Not sure their right to free speech is being curtailed however..

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  2. Do you not understand that bearing arms is in itself political speech at a rally about the right to keep and bear arms?

    Would it be OK if cameras and video recording were banned at a freedom of the press rally?

    I have been concerned for some time that outside groups like neo-nazis might show up and try to co-opt the event, though I am more worried that the press would represent those outsiders as representative of the rally than some sort of violence. As a rule, people so not attack others they know are armed.

    If there is credible evidence of planned violence then the governor should present that evidence and let people decide if they want to go at their own risk or not, but the governor should not put us in the position of having to deal with organized violence against us unarmed. Disarming us makes violence more, not less, likely.

    It is beginning to appear to me that the governor wants violence as an excuse for his agenda.

    But remember that the VCDL members and supporters who are the people populating the real rally are the same people who went armed to their local governments to get resolutions of support for the 2nd Amendment from 95% of our counties, cities and towns and those events were 100% non-violent.

    We are not the problem. Northam and his totalitarian lusts are the problem.

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    1. Totalitarian? Are you nuts? Over stated hyperbole to justify … nothing. Northam’s actions to protect citizens and lawmakers alike is the right thing to do. If Charlottesville had handled the Unite the Right rally better, it may not be an issue. But we have seen what can happen if LE and city governments don’t take appropriate precautions in these situations.

      VCDL may not be the problem, but they sure as hell are not part of the solution. I have not seen anything from you or Mr. Van Cleave calling for out of state groups to NOT attend. In fact, it appears they are welcome. This is a Virginia issue. If you and the VCDL want to make your voices heard, fine. However, then need for ANY firearm to do so is ludicrous.


      1. If you were following the VCDL social media you would know we have done all we legally can do to discourage both VA and out-of-state groups with non-RKBA agendas, but we can’t force them not to show up.

        When did it come under your authority to tell me how to exercise my freedom of speech. The point of carry on Lobby day is to demonstrate that responsible people carry firearms peacefully every day.

        Northam and his pupetmaster Bloomberg are totally totalitarian at heart. There is no choice in your life they do not think they can make better than you.


        1. To put it mildly, I think your full of it.

          The closest I come to social media is this blog. Period.

          I never said YOU didn’t need to exercise both 1 and 2 A rights at the same time. I just said I never saw a reason to do so.

          And taking action because radical groups are coming to crash the VCDL party and intelligence (and history) shows these out of state groups constitute a threat to public safety, the governor is absolutely correct in taken the actions taken.

          Your hyperbolic, over blown crying like a two year old who had his tonka truck taken away from him because he was misusing it to beat the dog over the head, does more to convince others that 2A supporters are overly zealous and need to be constrained.

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  3. Then why not allow arms in a courthouse that is hearing a civil suit?

    Or a Trump rally?

    Since you can’t get into the Capitol square without passing security and a metal detector there should be little threat to personal safety. Especially when the place will be loaded with trained law enforcement.

    VCDL might not be a problem, but van Cleave has acknowledged that out of state groups are coming and he has probably no idea who they are. They were the problem in Charlottesville.

    Besides, it is one thing for a few dozen or even a hundred armed citizens to show up at council meetings and quite another for 100,000 armed folks from all over the country jammed into the Capitol grounds.

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    1. What Northam COULD HAVE DONE would have been to meet with VCDL leaders and discuss the problems that concerned him instead of just issuing edicts without consulting those affected, but Northam never considers that anyone else has any input worth listening to so he goes with the voices in his head.

      He could have just scaled up the way Lobby Day has always been handled to include the Square instead of just the capitol building. In the past, there were 2 ways into the building. One for legislators and staff, and for those with VA picture ID and a CHP, and another for everyone else. Legislators, staff and CHP holders just showed their ID and entered, those with no CHP could not enter with a weapon.

      CHP holders were trusted, and rightfully so, as crime by CHP holders is less common than by police officers.

      That would leave the square occupied by armed “good guys” and disarmed others with a few bad guys among them, the safest possible combination.

      But Northam is so blinded by his prejudices against guns and their owners and so sure that every idea that pops into his head is the only one to consider that he didn’t bother to meet with those who know what to do.


      1. I suspect that those responsible for security, local and state police, may have helped in the decision making process.

        Checking and verifying CHP holders from both VA and other states is a lot more cumbersome than a metal detector for all kinds of weapons.

        And after the fiasco in Charlottesville, I would not blame police for deciding how they want to run things.

        Disarm everyone of all weapons is prudent when expecting 100,000 or more folks for a very emotionally charged event.

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        1. VA Driver’s licenses have a scan code. You scan them and if the person has a valid CHP that comes up. Not cumbersome at all.

          And don’t blame the Capitol Police, it was not their policy.


          1. With 100,000 people there are a lot more law enforcement folks than just the Capitol police. And the plan is for a single entry point. It will take a while no matter how you arrange it. They are looking for all possible weapons, not just guns.

            What about the guy from Wyoming or Montana or Arkansas and his CCP? His rights are no good?

            Civilized people need to able to debate and lobby for their cause without arms.

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          2. I don’t think out of state licenses have come up before, the requirement was that you have a VA drivers license and CHP.

            Off hand, I don’t have a problem with out-of-state permits, but the rule was VA drivers licenses and CHPs


          3. I think you would agree that a picture is worth 1000 words, so how much is a demonstration worth?

            At every one of the 2nd Amendment resolution votes in the counties and cities, there were hundreds to thousands of very passionate, armed people often facing off with people they disagreed with, and there was not a single incident of harm or threat. That is powerful evidence of the peaceful nature of CHP holders.

            So, a rally of 10s of thousands in Richmond peacefully protesting while armed sends a message no words ever could that we are peaceful people. We are being denied the opportunity to send that message.


          4. Doc, it’s not the residents. It is the out-of-state questionable folks that are the issue. If not for the rabble rousing by the VCDL, this may have been a proper rally with VA residents standing up for their rights. But because several questionable groups are planning to attend, it has become a public safety issue.


          5. Again, if we simply applied the same rules as always for the capitol building to the capitol square area that would solve the problem. You always had to have a VA driver’s license and a CHP. The out-of-state folks would still be outside the fence.

            Of course, outside the fence who knows?


      2. “That would leave the square occupied by armed “good guys” and disarmed others with a few bad guys among them,”…

        All it takes to turn the square into a bloodbath is for ONE bad guy with a gun to do something stupid. And some of the innocent good guys and gals would get caught up in it.


        1. So, you’re going to disarm the good guys because of what a bad guy might do.

          And you wonder why 2nd Amendment supporters get frustrated. No amount of reason can penetrate your preconceived and unsupported prejudices.


    1. A lot of failures no doubt.

      But here is an interesting finding that relates to the current political dust up.

      “Charlottesville Police received inaccurate information from Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman regarding the legality of restricting weapons other than firearms. Chapman told police they could not restrict other weapons, when in fact the city could have prohibited bats, poles and shields.”

      So restricting all weapons is not an invention of Northam. It was considered one of the major lapses in Charlottesville.

      100,000 demonstrators packed into the Capitol Square for a very, very volatile reason is not a good place for guns no matter how conscientious some think they are. Especially when out of state groups, militias, gangs add to the mix.

      And here is the irony. There is nothing in the proposed legislation that would prevent law abiding citizens from owning a gun.

      Voting rights are more at risk. And that was demonstrated just last year when a judge ruled NC voting laws targeted minorities with “surgical precision”.

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  4. Well how about a free speech rally where no one can speak? Now if Antifa shows up again and attacks the protesters like they did in Charlottesville, will it be VCDLs fault that violence erupted?


    1. And what were the neo-Nazis carrying swastikas “protesting”. The Jews mostly. For, uh, being Jewish.

      The reality was that the Lee statute was just a ploy.

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