7 thoughts on “Finally, Trump gets an investigation going in Ukraine.

  1. Perhaps you should read the full story. No one including Ukraine nor Parnas actually believe the ambassador was under surveillance but it is being looked into to close the matter. Are the Biden’s next?


    1. If this is the paragraph you are referring to wrt to Parnas not believing the ambassador was under surveillance, then you need to go back to school and take reading comprehension
      “Mr. Parnas said in a televised interview on Wednesday that he had not taken Mr. Hyde’s offer seriously.”

      If you read it in the context of the story, it seemed more to indicate that Mr. Hyde’s offer was to “take her out.”

      And if Ukraine seriously thought there is not there, there, then why are they opening the investigation into the allegations?

      No dogs here. Just answering a troll for my own amusement. And to see how many times you can insult me without answering intelligently what I posted. I’d tell you the over/under number, but then you would cheat and stop before it got close.

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    2. “Mr. Parnas learned from former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin that Nunes had met with Shokin in Vienna last December…”

      A LIE! IT’S A LIE!

      Ha! Caught Parnas in a lie.

      Score: Parnas 1, Trump 10,000+

      In lying, like in golf, low score wins.

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  2. Mr. Parnas seemed to have his head on pretty straight and answered questions in a professional way and sounded totally truthful and believable.. I was cleaning up the kitchen and watched the entire interview last night. Sad day when a Russian with criminal ties to ‘djt’ and Guiliani makes more sense than the faux prez can even imagine.

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