“A plan versus a pipe dream”

SEN. Klobuchar, in an extensive interview with the NYT Ed. Board, shows why I thought from the beginning she would be the best choice for the Democratic nomination. Tough, experienced, level headed, and pragmatic. I suggest folks start paying attention to what she has to say. My dad won’t like it, but I tend to be a little closer to center than he and his wife.

I know many won’t be able to read the piece, but the interview will be part of a nomination piece on FX this Sunday. If I can find a link from another site, I’ll post it.

5 thoughts on ““A plan versus a pipe dream”

  1. Mayor Pete would be OK, just a little short on experience. If he follows the Bill Clinton model and surrounds himself with smart people, he would be on the right track.

    Uncle Joe has TOO much experience and is tainted by Trump’s delusions.

    Amy has her shit together and workable plans. Things that can end up as bi (or better yet NON-) partisan. And I believe she has the strength to stand up to the bully. That was my initial concern a year ago when she announced she was running. But she has been pretty much my numero uno from day one.


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