For anyone interested, *The Intercept* recently received over 700 pages of Iranian intelligence and have just started publishing their initial findings. I’ve just started reading, so no commentary yet, just wanted to share. (Also, I believe James Risen was specifically mentioned in a previous thread; he is one of the primary writers handling this leak.)

4 thoughts on “Iran

  1. I believe the name mentioned earlier was James Rosen, a conservative journalist with FOX and Sinclair. He was apparently canned by FOX for sexual harassment charges.

    He was also investigated by Holder for media leaks from the Obama administration. Holder admitted the investigation was a bit heavy handed, but in the end not much happened to Rosen.

    Rosen was mentioned in a thread in response to my assertion that our press enjoys rights and freedoms not found in many countries.

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  2. The Intercept and NYT article show just another reason we can be so thankful that Bush and the neo-cons were in charge after 9/11.

    (NB: Heavy sarcasm alert for those who might need it. Or a trigger warning, perhaps 😱.)

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