For the anti-choice crowd…

Ms. Werking-Yip tells her heart wrenching story of having to make a choice.

Late term abortions are not about an unwanted pregnancy. They are about choices that parents sometimes have to make.

From her closing paragraph, ” I pray you never have to face a decision like the one I faced. You might swear up and down that you could never make the choice I did, but you never know for sure until the time comes. I know I made the best choice for my child. I do not regret it, and I will not hide it.”

3 thoughts on “For the anti-choice crowd…

  1. I think your link is broken.

    Try this:

    I agree with the opinion. To knowingly bring a child into the world that will be forever totally dependent upon others or machines for life’s basic necessities of eating, breathing, moving is cruel. Imagine injuring an adult, purposely, to force such a life.

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  2. Agreed.

    Also, I read today – Ohio is looking to add to its cruel anti-abortion laws with a new law that will require doctors to attempt to re-implant an ectopic pregnancy, instead of just ending it. This isn’t even medically possible, and would be extremely dangerous to the mother’s health.

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