8 thoughts on “YOUR President . . .

    1. It got Trump elected.

      Mexican rapists, Muslims, phony stats on crime with emphasis on rare black on white murders, …

      Apparently hate was viable enough for Republicans.

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      1. If you really believe that is what got Trump elected you are looking through the googles of projection.

        Trump got elected because government had become an end to itself rather than a servant of the people. Hillary promised to make government more our master than ever, and that is what the people rejected.

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        1. Those may be reasons for some, but fear was the campaign theme.

          The election could have gone either way. It was a matter of 77K votes in three key states that Clinton took for granted.

          There is no doubt that the email issue and the hack turned the tide, particularly a week before the election. Somebody did not want Clinton to win.

          Yet, I have said a few times that Trump’s win may have been a good thing. The working classes have been getting the short end of the stick for decades. The country was ripe for a populist. Clinton was not it, but Sanders could have done quite well.

          I just hope all of our rivers and lakes and the air we breathe are not destroyed. And if they are, that at least those sickened can afford decent healthcare. That is if the roads are still driveable on the way to the hospital.

          Just sayin’.

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          1. Just as sports have upsets, so does politics. Once everything was said and done, the excuses from the talking heads and wags began.

            Can that be traced to three states with 46 votes (Michigan-16, Pennsylvania-20 and Wisconsin-10)? Sure…you can blame it on 3 fumbles.

            When the Constitution was written, the framers devised what we now call the Electoral College. One vote per US House District and another two for each US Senator.

            That lasted until Jefferson lost to Adams and, starting with Virginia, states began implementing “winner takes all” laws for political alliances and purposes.

            Had all 50 states stuck with that original intent? Hillary Clinton would’ve won the majority of the Electoral College votes in 2016 (see attached spreadsheet).

            In 2016, all House Districts totaled:
            Clinton – 206
            Trump – 229

            Had all states awarded them as they did with Washington and Adams:
            Clinton – 285
            Trump – 251

            But since 48 states have “winner takes all” laws? We ended up with this:
            Clinton – 232
            Trump – 306

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    2. Where does hate come into view regarding the statements in the frames above? They are all true.

      If there is any hate, seems to me that from what I’ve witnessed the hate actually emanates from trump himself. His hate for President Obama was almost palpable. That’s where I first detected his unnatural loathing. And, of course his hate only got wider, deeper and directed at more people since he’s put himself in the limelight as he has.

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