Nail head, meet hammer!

At this point, the only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart; he shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your toxic misogyny, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.

13 thoughts on “Nail head, meet hammer!

  1. A large portion of his support is the hope of outlawing abortion and most effective forms of birth control.

    That same group wants to pack the court with reliably conservative extremists to ensure that and put the gay community back into hiding.

    The next base of support wants to give the finger to the ruling “elite” whether liberal or conservative. They don’t care if the president is Elmer Fudd, Goofy or Yosemite Sam.

    Then there are those who are deathly afraid of immigrants, legal or not, who don’t come from Norway, et. al.

    Backing all these folks are the true, elite conservatives along with their intelligentsia, who preach a phony fiscal restraint, but will borrow heavily to stay in power so long as the bill is paid by the masses.

    So here is the good news. Trump’s election has brought out the true agendas of the Republican Party. It wasn’t really about Hillary. She was a convenient “whipping girl”. It was about using religious and racial extremism along with a distaste by the working class for the status quo in order to get votes for creating an American plutocracy.

    And our current president is the useful idiot to accomplish this.

    Fortunately this is all starting to fall apart like straw houses in a storm. Trump’s self imposed ignorance of our system as if it were just an optional suggestion for governance has gone too far. His promise of “only I can fix it” has hit the hard wall of reality.

    History is being made as we watch.

    I think it will show that our nation is stronger than many think.


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  2. And yet he is still far better than Hillary or any of the pandering loons the Democrats have to offer.

    Trump is unarguably annoying, thin skinned and vain, but his policies remain better for the country than the available alternatives from the Democratic party.

    And to think we could have had Gary Johnson.


    1. Trump is pathetic at best and extremely dangerous at the worse; plain and simple.

      And, for the record, there is nothing wrong with Gary Johnson. He certainly had more on the ball ( as every one of Trump’s other opponents did) than ‘the donald’ ever did.)

      However, that still didn’t mean GJ was as prepared, as capable or as ready to take on the enormous job of LEADING America as Hillary Rodham Clinton was (and, actually still is.)

      I know that’s hard for some to accept, but it remains a fact.

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    2. @Tabor
      Our majority party are “pandering loons?”
      Do you ever pay attention to Trump’s MANY magical promises? Probably not. You are not stupid.

      What was it you said about hate not being a viable political philosophy?

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    3. Yeah, we get it. You hate Democrats. And Gary Johnson would have been swallowed by the current crap of GOP congressional leaders. He would have been the useful idiot in the Oval Office. Too bad your “respect” of Trumpism blinds you to the compromises that could come out of taking an unadulterated view that are in some of the Democratic proposals.

      Oh crap. I forgot. Compromise is a dirty word in 2019.

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      1. Gary Johnson was a very successful GOP governor of New Mexico which had a Democrat legislature. He was reelected for his 2nd term with almost 80% of the vote.

        We could use a President who can work with the other party instead of trying to destroy it.


        1. Yet you still support Trump? Every time the Dems reached out in attempt to work with President Train Wreck, he either changed his mind in less than 24 hours or walked out in a huff because Nancy and Chuck would kiss his … ring.

          And as far as I can see at this point, the GOP is doing just fine in destroying itself.

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        2. @Tabor
          Re: “We could use a President who can work with the other party instead of trying to destroy it.”

          Yeah, sure. That would be great. Too bad it is no longer possible. At least for now.

          After the treatment that President Obama got from Day One, after the treatment of Judge Garland, after Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!, and after three years of the GOP enabling and covering up the utter lawlessness of the Trump administration the only way forward is for one party to control the government. And basically ignore the other. Thanks to Mr. Trump’s unpatriotic and criminal behavior we are well on our way to getting there in 2020. And before any “conservatives” start belly-aching remember the well worn aphorism – “What goes around comes around.”

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        3. “Gary Johnson was a very successful GOP governor of New Mexico”…

          That was too long ago (three years is too long these days in politics.) to truly be remembered. Mitch McConnell would have taken a large bite out his Libertarian backside on day one and Johnson would have folded like a cheap suit. The shadow presidency would have been hidden in the desk of the Senate Majority leader.


  3. I had wondered what “flavor” of Libertarian you might be and had settled on Fusionist (something I was drawn to during the Reagan era) on reflection I’d guess Right Libertarianism would be more apt.

    I once read somewhere that “hate is not a viable political philosophy”…

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