FrontPage: Pelosi’s Disinformation Campaign

Today’s Democratic Party is increasingly the party of propaganda, lies and fake news. Joseph Klein performs an anatomy of the impeachment inquiry which illustrates the observation.

23 thoughts on “FrontPage: Pelosi’s Disinformation Campaign

    1. RE: “I can only assume this post is a joke.”

      You’re welcome to explain why you think so. As it is, an assertion without substantiation doesn’t carry much weight.


        1. No idea what you’re getting at.

          Either you are too clever for us, or not nearly so clever as you think you are.

          My guess is that an argument that most informed people won’t understand is not all that clever.


          1. …” an argument that most informed people won’t understand”…
            I am amazed that you don’t get that Jimmie is pointing out the over 14,000 DOCUMENTED lies Mr. Trump has told.

            Or do you think Trump is just misunderstood, too?

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        2. Jimmie, you have to know by now that Mr. Roberts believes that Mr. Trump didn’t lie over 14,000 times. He’s just misunderstood. No matter how many things you toss his way, Mr. Roberts will semantically brush them aside as nothing but dog doo.

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          1. Oh, that silly thing. Apples and hippoptamie.

            Trump annoyingly exaggerates almost everything, from crowd sizes to political accomplishments but while those are technically lies, they aren’t about anything of substance. I wish he wouldn’t do it, but it doesn’t really mean anything.

            Pelosi, and particularly Schiff, are lying about matters of substance in an attempt to remove a legally elected President. That does matter.


          2. @Tabor

            “ technically lies, they aren’t about anything of substance”

            He. Is. The. President. Of. The. United. States….

            EVERYTHING is of substance, and he lies about things that ARE material to our Country’s security and well being.

            I believe you are truly and completely blinded by your biases…


  1. So I tried, in vain, for 5 minutes to click on the ABOUT link at the bottom of the FPM page. Every time I scrolled down, more articles would load before being able to click on the link. That indicates to me they are trying to hide who they are.

    So I used my Google machine to see what the David Horowitz Foundation was all about. As Len said earlier today, Thank goodness for Wikipedia. I found all I needed to know about DHF and FPM.

    The article is an attempt by Trump protectors to deflect, using similar techniques someone on this blog uses, from the fact the Mr. Trump has abused the power of his office in a manner never seen in the history of this country. The continuing testimony before Congressional committees shows this to anyone who actually understands what is going on. Instead they want to prevent the House from exercising its Constitutional duties.

    And those crying “unconstitutional” concerning the inquiry don’t seem to understand that the House and Senate make their own rules in these cases. There is nothing in the Constitution that sets forth how this is supposed to be run. Also, it is NOT a criminal proceeding, so the other cry of “due process” is just another attempt to protect Mr. Trump.

    And the only failure I have witnessed on this thread is the one who fails to believe that Trump has lied over 14,000 times to US, the people.

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    1. Yes, the House makes its own rules.

      However, if it does so contrary to the established standards of transparency and due process, it is entirely proper to criticize it for doing so and to discount entirely any results it arrives at.

      Demands for due process are not a defense of Trump so much as to protect our political process from devolving into a Star Chamber.

      What you should be asking is why the House Democrats, and Schiff in particular, think they have to operate in the dark and without due process to accomplish their ends? If they have the truth on their side, they have no need to do so.


      1. “ If they have the truth on their side, they have no need to do so.”

        They have explained why “discovery” is done in confidence, and the GOP members can ask any question they like during the process.

        The bigger question begged by your question is why trump restrains people involved from testifying and providing documents requested? If, of course, they have “truth on their side”…


        1. Is it really necessary to explain the purpose of Executive Privilege again?

          Communications between the President and his staff must be private or the President will get incomplete advice. Absent the confidence their words will remain confidential, advisors will only give politically correct advice, and sometimes the right answer to a problem is not going to be popular, at least until after the fact.

          Everyone in the cabinet or in advisory positions has a future to consider, and they will not say anything unpopular if they suspect it it will be on the front page of the WAPO at some future time.

          That said, it is not proper to invoke executive privilege to conceal wrongdoing, so it is often left to the courts to determine whether certain inquiries can be made.


          1. “ Executive Privilege “ ??

            Thanks for the chuckle. The “Privilege” is needful and fairly specific.

            It does NOT extend to the non-governmental sycophants that it is is being extended to.

            You’re running out of material and it shows.

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    2. RE: “The article is an attempt by Trump protectors to deflect…”

      Actually, the article is an analysis of a written statement published over Nancy Pelosi’s name. Since nothing you say about it addresses the substance of the analysis, I take it you agree with analysis itself. At least, you give no reason to think you don’t.

      I hesitate to point something out to you, but in case you might find it useful one day I would mention that criticizing FPM and DHF serves no purpose. You might as well criticize oatmeal for the box it comes in.

      In other words, it is a fallacy to confuse the container with the content.


  2. @Tabor:
    …”but it doesn’t really mean anything.”… The fact that you even said that presidential lies don’t really mean anything is amazing. If it were anyone else BUT Trump, you wold, as you have done, be screeching to the heavens about the dishonesty displayed. I am truly baffled by the pretzel logic defense of the least honest man on the planet. He lies about everything, substantive or not, and you and Mr. Roberts just give him a pass? If Trump were a Democrat (as he once was), you would both be apoplectic about it. Hypocrisy is an ugly thing. It’s uglier still when it is denied by those who practice it.

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    1. RE: “He lies about everything, substantive or not, and you and Mr. Roberts just give him a pass?”

      Can’t speak for Dr. Tabor, but for myself I find it is a full-time job just to respond superficially to the effluence of crazy psycho-drama I run into at random with anti-Trumpers. Here, for example, you assert as if it were true “that Trump lies about everything.” I have often challenged you to give some examples to disprove my claim that most of Trump’s so-called lies are in fact not lies at all, but you never do.

      So, from my perspective, the problem is the opposite of what you think it is. I’m perfectly willing to discuss the truth of Trump and his policies, but I find no takers. Only anti-Trumpers who wish to enlist me into their own fantasies and blast me with personal insults when I don’t join them.


  3. Actually, I predict that the House Speaker will be the woman of the Year. Every day she shows up calm, detailed and serious in working to remove the nit-wit tweeting away in the Oval Office. Anyone who watched and listened to ‘djt’s’ speech today can easily see how Pelosi and Schiff are 10 times more intelligent and qualified to be in this country’s top leadership than what’s in there now. Of course the GOP gang’s circus today did give ‘djt’ a run for goofiest sight of the day. Just saying.

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