3 thoughts on “Ethnic slur mars campaign sign in Virginia Beach

  1. ”In the U.S. especially, “greaseball” generally refers to a person of Italian descent, while “greaser”, though it may be used as a shortening of “greaseball” to refer to Italians, has been more often applied to Hispanic Americans or Mexican Americans. However, “greaseball” and, to a lesser extent, “greaser”, can also refer to any person of Mediterranean/Southern European descent or Hispanic descent, including Greeks, Spaniards, and the Portuguese, as well as Latin Americans.”


    Ya gotta love Wikipedia. They have something about everything.

    That may not be the term used to vandalize the ad, but it does list other slurs that can be for Greek or Mediterranean people. As well as slurs for dozens of nationalities and ethnicities.

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    1. … a little dab’ll do ya… When I was a kid, the term greaser was synonymous with the word “slick” and described those who used hair treatments to the extreme.

      There were other terms for Italians and Hispanics in my neighborhood. The only reference I can recall to Greeks was one of a sexual nature, although “Hey Marie!” was something all Greeks yelled at girls.

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