The Mooch calls out the GOP

One of Trump’s closest friends says Trump is having a “nervous breakdown”. He also wants to know why none of the 53 GOP senators has been asked for an answer about what Trump is doing. (I think some have been asked, but they all do their best cricket imitation when answering).

He makes a valid point about James Madison rolling over in his grave. He seems to be saying “Why aren’t you all doing your job?” For those who have asked that of the Dem led House, I say, they are doing their job. It’s too bad they feel compelled to have to do what is being done to protect the Constitutional balance of power. Which IS part of their job.

I’ve never liked Mooch too much, but I respect the fact he is not afraid to speak out negatively about his friend.

4 thoughts on “The Mooch calls out the GOP

  1. Why should any of us care about Scaramucci’s gossip?

    In fact, we should at least consider the possibility that he may be trolling CNN and anyone who takes his observations seriously.

    Whatever the reality here is, CNN is doing no one any favors.

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