18 thoughts on “Treason according to Liddle Trumpy

  1. ‘Liddle Trumpy’ ??

    Trying to outdo President Trump on immaturity?

    In any case, I’m not going to listen to Adam Schiff lie for 10 minutes. He hasn’t had anything new to say since Nov 2016


      1. no, it would be a waste of time to listen to Schiff since I would not believe a word he said anyway. He lies.

        Carefully and with malice. So, what good would it do to listen to him?


        1. It would do zero good if your mind is closed, and it appears to be….

          I honestly hope I never get to that point relative to EVERYTHING a person says….oops, never mind, trump just said something….

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      1. Whatever gives you the idea I take what Trump says seriously? He says lots of dumb stuff.

        I pay attention to what he does and what he says when he stays on script. When he wings it, he is often flat wrong and exaggerates the rest of the time.

        I do make a distinction between careless speech, which is most of what you call Trump’s lies, and the intentional and carefully worded malicious lies from Adam Schiff. Or from Schummer and Pelosi for that matter.


        1. “He says lots of dumb stuff.”

          And you defend this as a leader worthy of remaining in office. Saying “lots of dumb stuff” can get millions killed nowadays.

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          1. OK, say you succeed in taking him out of office.Then what?

            Hillary doesn’t get to be President. Pence does, and boosted by the inevitable backlash, he would be reelected.

            Pence is a religious zealot who won’t be with a woman, even in a public place, without his wife being present. At the least he would spend his Presidency doing all he can to roll back the sexual freedoms gained in recent decades, And the justices he would appoint to the Supreme Court, and lesser courts, would be modern Inquisitors.

            And giving him the job of Commander in Chief is just asking for another crusade.

            Trump was elected as a lesser evil, and ditching him now would bring a much greater evil.


          2. At least with Pence, you now know what you are getting. Yes, he is very religious. The fact that he won’t be with a women alone in public or private who is not his wife, is at least a moral decision that he lives up to. I believe that at least Pence will not spew alternative facts, will not be a bully, will treat our allies with respect, in fact be the anti-Trump in most respects. Then we can get back to discussions on differences of opinion on how to run the country, and not all the extra baggage we have had for the last 2 years.


        2. @Tabor
          First there were “just jokes.” Then there were “alternative facts.” And now we have “careless speech.” Here is something you may not know – lies are lies whatever creative name you come up with for them.

          Accusations of treason directed against loyal and patriotic Congressmen is not “careless speech.” It is an impeachable offense in and of itself.

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          1. Schiff is neither loyal nor patriotic, Nor is he honest. He is a bitter, ‘ends justify the means’ zealot.

            Criticizing him is not an impeachable offense.

            But there is hope, I have heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another that Trump went through the 10 items or less line at WalMart with 15 items in his basket. Maybe this will be it.


        3. Those are some outcomes, not the outcomes. Pence is dangerous, but not charismatic. His appeal is not universal even among the GOP, like Hillary among the Democrats. He may not win; the GOP may not put him forward.

          “Trump was elected as a lesser evil,” They all are. So, once again we will be given two choices. Meh.

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          1. And with Pence now being shown to be complicit in the pressure on Ukraine, he is just as impeachable as Trump. So based on the laws of succession, guess who becomes POTUS? Can you say President Nancy Pelosi?

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        4. Interesting how you call Trump’s lies “careless speech”, but you call Pelosi and Schumer liars. And Schiff’s speech was careless as well. But where has Pelosi or Schumer maliciously lied in any of this context?

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    1. RE: “n any case, I’m not going to listen to Adam Schiff lie for 10 minutes. He hasn’t had anything new to say since Nov 2016.”

      That was my reaction to the post, as well. Besides, I already heard Schiff’s openning statement when I watched the hearing. At this point, the video is old news. It was despicable the first time I heard it, and it remains so.


    2. “Liddle Trumpy” was a joke – a parody of our Dear Leader’s behavior. Weren’t you on your high horse the other day about me lacking a sense of humor?

      As for your statement about Congressman Schiff – a serious man trying to take his duty to the country and the Constitution seriously – it says far more about you than it does about him.

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