2 thoughts on “Nothing… & Something

  1. Looking at those older cameras tickled me.

    As a pro I embraced digital with enthusiasm. Once the bugs were ironed out and the pixel count approached 20 megs along with a robust Photoshop, mistakes were much less common than with film.

    But it still took practice, instinct and a good eye. Events and news were not my forte, but I did enough to really appreciate the skill of the top photojournalists.

    I met more than a few. But a comment from a man named a Bob Lerner, a Look Magazine legend now deceased, stuck with me.

    He said the difference between an amateur and a pro when evaluating a shoot was this:

    The amateur would ask “how many shots did you get?”

    The pro would ask “did you get the shot?”

    Bob did all his work on film, but was not averse to digital in his later years. It was not the tool, but the eye.

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  2. Is it? Really? Plastic bodies beaded to look and feel like leather. So what technology then, would have had a leather body? I imagine someday there will be a cellphone body constructed from some marvelous polymer and simulated to look like anodized aluminum or titanium.

    BTW, there is a word for that — the art of taking a new and superior technology and making it appear like the old, or classic, e.g., a fiberglass boat molded to look like planked wood. I found it once perusing the dictionary, but alas, forgot it.


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