It seems like it is the same three or four families that have issues with the way the investigation by the independent firm is being handled and the lack of forthcoming information for those most closely affected by the shooting..

I am not trying to slight them in any way. Just an observation

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  1. Can you think of anything else the families have in common?

    Normally, I would say they should wait for the investigation to conclude—especially since we already know when the report is expected—but this does seem like a fix. I suspect the report will say what the city wants (and what it’s paying for) it to say.

    #VBWrong #FireDaveHansen


    1. I agree with the concept of waiting for October. However, the story reads as if they are being left out of the loop they think they should be in.

      There were 12 families involved, but only 3 (4 this time) that seem to be the “squeaky wheels” as far as news stories go.

      Again, no malice towards any of them, just pointing out something I found….interesting.

      Just had a thought as typing this: Which attorney is representing these families? Does Martingayle have retainers from the ones in the story?


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