Another Digby Solomon flail-ex. This time on the economy.

First, he makes it seem as if it is the EU’s fault that a Brexit deal can’t be negotiated. Reports seem to indicate it is Britain that can’t get its act together.

Then he claims Dems are “tepid” on free trade. Interesting that it was a DEMOCRATIC POTUS that negotiated the original NAFTA.

At least he finally lays some blame at Trump’s feet wrt current issues on trade policy and the negative effect is is having on our economy

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  1. Now we know why the Pilot has had to make so many changes of late. They had to economize to afford the intellectual supernova that is Digby Solomon.

    Seriously, I would love to know how much he gets paid to fart out this drivel once a week.

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    1. Keep in mind, the bio line at the end of his piece indicates that he is a “former publisher” of the Daily Press.

      And I love the typo at the top of the piece: “By DIGA. SOLOMON” . They don’t even get his name correct. Unless his nickname is Diga.

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