Book excerpt from Gen. Mattis, USMC (RET) from WSJ. Interesting excerpt, but this stood out to me.

“A wise leader must deal with reality and state what he intends, and what level of commitment he is willing to invest in achieving that end. He then has to trust that his subordinates know how to carry that out. Wise leadership requires collaboration; otherwise, it will lead to failure.”

This is NOT apparent in our current Commander-in-Chief. – IMHO

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  1. You are not linking. I think you might be putting the link in the section labeled “Title”. Try making your own title. Then get below the options bar, paste your link, hit “return” then write an intro.

    Hit “return” and get a new line, click on “more”.

    Then hit “return” again and get a new line and start the narrative.

    Of course this is assuming you joined WordPress. I think.

    John or Don are the experts.

    I just do as I’m told…like home.

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      1. I guess I’m still incognito with them. I’ll keep the low profile as long as possible.

        You could always buy the book it is titled DUTY, DEMOCRACY AND THE THREAT OF TRIBALISM.

        Not trying to line Mattis’ pockets, but it could be an interesting read….even for a Liberal such as yourself. Heck, you posted a link from the freakin’ Washington Examiner for crying out loud. I guess they haven’t caught on to you yet.

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      2. “Murdoch has pegged me as a liberal”

        Under your Privacy settings on whatever browser you are using, clear history, cache, and cookies. You may lose logged in sessions, so before doing it would be a good time to review your memory on passwords.

        Repeat as necessary to read the entire paper…


  2. Trump is a boss, not a leader.

    Remember “only I can fix it”?

    I don’t think he looks for a team when making appointments. He seems to prefer caporegimes to carry out his orders.

    Or at least that is my opinion. Except for 4 years in the Navy, I never had to deal with large group dynamics in business except as clients. I guess I was the capo di tutti i capi in my own shop since I only had a few employees at any one time. Mostly just one in my later years preferring to hire freelance assistants as the projects warranted.

    All this is IMHO of course.

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  3. “He seems to prefer caporegimes to carry out his orders.”

    It appears to me he prefers “yes men” who will do only what they are told. In contrast, look at who Bill Clinton had in his administration. They came from both sides of the aisle and would challenge him as they saw fit. Plus, they felt free to do so. AND they stayed for more than a couple of months.

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  4. Trump is currently having what my parents used to call a “nervous breakdown”. Impeach him, not for the sake of the country, but for the sake of the man.

    Besides, at his age it could be fatal, and I don’t want to be forced to watch Netflix for a week because of the disruption to TV programming caused by a state funeral for that jerk.

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