American Thinker: The climate change crisis racket

“Do Democrats really believe in the climate crisis they have dubbed an ’emergency,’ or is it really just a way to make a quick buck?”

The article makes a fair point about environmentalism and the hysterical thinking some environmentalists promote. To me, the most telling datum the article mentions is this: Carbon credits and the exchanges on which they are traded are “not having any effect on actual total carbon emissions.”

I believe that global warming, to the extent it is real, is a readily solvable problem. Only our preoccupation with crisis-style thinking prevents us from addressing it rationally.

5 thoughts on “American Thinker: The climate change crisis racket

  1. It might be a readily solvable problem. But is it politically solvable?

    There are few projects that humans think long term about. Next quarter’s profits, the next election, the next paycheck, the next planting season. I think we have to really work at thinking a 1/2 century out.

    The great visionaries are far and few between.

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    1. RE: “I think we have to really work at thinking a 1/2 century out.”

      Maybe so, but is that really the problem?

      To believe that it is is to assume that climate change really is a crisis.

      If it isn’t actually a crisis, then the need to think a 1/2 century out doesn’t really exist.


  2. It appears that everyone has their own definition of “crisis”. I tend to lean towards a major problem that needs solving sooner rather than later.
    The American Thinker is a very right leaning sight that appears to deny climate change as being a problem or crisis. It reads as if it is an attack on those who are investing in green energy programs to tackle the carbon emissions issue. Which is a rather conservative, politically speaking, investment strategy. Similar to gun manufacturers and sellers proclaiming that a Democratic President would come after the guns so it’s time to stock up. Conjurred crisis.
    I believe it is time to get serious and get ALL parties involved in solving the climate change issue and for this country to take the lead and show the rest of the world how to solve a global problem.


    1. The crisis comes when hundreds of millions of people start migrating en masse in search of higher ground or potable water. When you consider this, the right’s obsession with immigration, white supremacy, and border militarization begins to make much more sense.

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  3. When evaluating the appropriate response to ANY threat the rational analysis weighs both the probability AND the magnitude of the threat. Various doomsday climate scenarios may have low or unknown probabilities but given their potential impact they MUST be taken seriously.


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