The Jews are targeted again

“American Jewish leaders on Tuesday condemned US President Donald Trump after he accused Jews who support Democrats of “great disloyalty,” saying he was employing a dangerous anti-Semitic trope.

“It’s unclear who @POTUS is claiming Jews would be “disloyal” to, but charges of disloyalty have long been used to attack Jews,” tweeted Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League…”

This is dangerous territory. There has already been an upsurge of anti-Semitism since Trump has been in office. A Synagogue was shot up by a hater of Jews because that organization helped relocate immigrants. Trump campaign ads targeted Jewish money and international banking.

And now the Jews are “disloyal”…to whom? Trump, America? What gall to demand blanket loyalty from any group.

Sorry, but the man has no shame. Worse, he has no idea what it means to be an American. Or a president.

21 thoughts on “The Jews are targeted again

  1. Really?

    Ivanka and Trump’s Grandchildren are Jewish.

    The disloyalty is not to Trump but to their fellow Jews in Israel. The Democratic party has embraced the radical anti-semitism of Islamists to pander to those voters.


    1. To put that comment about Trump’s grandchildren into proper context, let me just say that my maternal grandfather, who loved my brother and I, was very anti-semitic. His comments to me about being “jewed” out of MIT was proof enough for me.


    2. “The Democratic party has embraced the radical anti-semitism of Islamists to pander to those voters.”

      First, Israel is, in fact, occupying parts of the West Bank and the Golan Heights, while blockading and starving the residents of Gaza. Israel, in fact, lobbies American politicians. Neither of these is the least bit controversial.

      Second, the Democratic party is absolutely not “embracing” the only members with the integrity to discuss these obvious facts. The Democrats passed a weak-kneed resolution ludicrously condemning “antisemitism” in the wake of Omar’s comments about lobbying.

      Your Republican talking points are completely wrong and uninformed.

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      1. Not knowing your age, I don’t know if you remember the Six Day War in which the Golan Heights and West Bank became part of Israel.

        Egypt and Syria, and belatedly Jordan, attempted a surprise attack on Israel with the intent of finishing what Hitler had started. Had they succeeded, there would be no Israel. But Israel was not surprised.

        The Golan Heights, West Bank and Sinai were captured by Israel. The Sinai was returned to Egypt but The Golan Heights and West Bank were kept so that Israel would have more defensible borders. Absent the West Bank, Israel was only 11 miles wide at its narrowest point.

        Israel owns that land by right of conquest in a war they did not start.

        As for Gaza, hundreds of rockets are fired at civilian targets in Israel every year.


          1. Israel struck first, not Egypt. Even US intelligence came to this conclusion.

          2. Since you’re invoking Hitler, the post-Nuremberg UN position on wars of aggression is that they are the “supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that [they] contain . . . the accumulated evil of the whole.” Further, acquiring territory by conquest is considered illegitimate and criminal by the UN.

          3. If the territories were legitimately part of Israel as you and the Zionists seem to suggest, why are Palestinians living there not full and equal citizens? Is Israel an occupying force, or is it an apartheid ethno-state?

          4. Gaza has been described by humanitarian observers as an “open air prison.” It is completely blockaded with no reliable water or electricity. They aren’t even allowed to go fishing off their coast. Hospitals and aid stations are frequently bombed and destroyed by the Israeli (US sponsored) air force. Protesters are shot for approaching the walls surrounding the city. Israeli aggression is several orders of magnitude greater than the occasional Gazan bottle rocket that lands in someone’s back yard. It is absurd to try to draw parallels between the two.

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          1. “Israel struck first, not Egypt. Even US intelligence came to this conclusion.”

            True, but they had to take out the Egyptian Air Force or things might not have gone well for Israel.

            At that point, Israel was in a battle for survival. In fact they almost lost it all in 1973.

            The history of Israel is complicated. But if you keep in mind the “never again” position after WW2 and contrast that with a determination by the Arab world to destroy Israel, one can see the seemingly insurmountable problem.

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          2. Israel struck on solid intelligence that the attack was eminent. The Egyptian Air Force was taken out on the ground while being fueled. It is quite clear form our own intelligence sources that the attack was coming, so no, Israel was NOT the aggressor, they were just faster on the draw.

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    3. The Democratic Party should oppose Fascism in all its forms. Likud is a Fascist party lead by a Fascist Leader who is in power only because of a Fascist assassination. IMHO, of course.

      You can try to twist Trump’s really stupid rhetoric all you want, but you will not fool any other than those who want to be fooled.

      Your reference to Ivanka is the bogus Black Friend argument. It proves nothing.

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  2. Sorry, but that is the right wing smear. The Jews are not a monolith voting bloc. There is a difference between being anti-Semitic and being a critic of Israeli government. Netanyahu is nothing if not hugely controversial.

    “If this is about Israel, then Trump is repeating a dual loyalty claim, which is a form of anti-Semitism. If this is about Jews being ‘loyal’ to him, then Trump needs a reality check”, Halie Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, wrote on Twitter.

    There are not enough Islamists in the US to pander to.

    Trump is trying so hard to make the “squad” the face of the entire Democratic Party. And at the same time he is tossing out the historically dangerous ideas about “disloyal Jews”. And what is even more ridiculous is that Trump is expecting support for the Democrats to be totally reliant on a few outliers who have challenged Israeli policies. And it is convenient for Trump that they happen to be women. And, OMG, Muslim. And, God save us all, from “shithole” places like Detroit.

    A Jewish son-in-law, a Jewish personal lawyer? So what?

    You do realize this article was from Israel? I couldn’t find the link for the Pilot.

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    1. Absolutely correct. Criticism of the current Israeli government is not akin to anti-semitism.
      My grandmother was raised by an ardent Zionist who worked hard in this country to do whatever was necessary to assist Israel in becoming a nation. She also was never a fan of Netanyahu. She would be aghast at the far-right turn the government has taken. Bibi’s pandering to Trump by denying a visit by 2 CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES was galling to this American Jew and I could sense Grandma spinning in her Florida grave.
      It is time for Jared and Ivanka to tell their boss that he has to stop these attacks on American Jews because they won’t vote for him. About 70% of Jewish voters did NOT vote for Trump in 2016. Referring to Jewish voters as “disloyal” to this country is a slap in the face. If these senseless, overt anti-semitic attacks continue, it is likely that number will go up as not many Jewish voters are part of his “base”.

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      1. Trump has been a consistent supporter of Israel, and I suspect he doesn’t understand American Jews who do not support Israel.

        Regarding the Congressional Representatives, are you aware that they are blatantly Anti Israel and that their trip was planned, organized and paid for by Miftah, a terrorist supporting organization that supports ending Israel?

        I can understand Trump being confused about this support for the destruction of Israel by American Jews, because it sure as hell confuses me.


        1. They are actually anti-Israeli government as it currently stands. So are a lot of American Jews. The majority American jews want a peaceful resolution to the situation in and around Israel. Netanyahu’s turn to the far right has made any kind of peace deal impossible with him in the PM’s seat.

          Where is the grand bargain that Jared Kushner was supposed to develop and make happen? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem only inflamed the Palestinians, which is not a useful negotiating tactic in any situation. Trump, while supportive of Netanyahu, has made any deal impossible at this point because of his actions, or better, lack of actions to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace.

          This has been an issue since the founding of Israel, so this is not an attack strictly on Trump, but a statement of fact that this is not an easily solved problem. Trump claimed to be the only one who can solve all of the world’s ills. He isn’t even coming close to brokering any kind of agreement. Even Jimmy Carter, arguably one of the weakest POTUS’ in recent history, got Israel and Egypt to the table and got a deal brokered.


          1. The Egyptian deal is still working. Sadat and Begin is the summit I was referring to, not Arafat. If I got the wrong POTUS, I apologize for my failed memory.

            And yes it is VERY hard to come to a lasting peace when negotiating with a group (or groups, in the Palestinian case) that has made their primary objective the eradication of your country. But inflaming the Palestinians even more by opening an embassy for Israel in the most controversial city in the world when it comes to who it belongs to, is bad faith and not helpful to even trying.

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        2. This portion of your sentence, “Trump has been a consistent supporter of Israel,”.. is incomplete. It should read “Trump has been a consistent supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” IMHO.

          I wonder if it were a Liberal Party PM would Trump be as supportive of Israel as he seems to be.


  3. “I can understand Trump being confused about this support for the destruction of Israel by American Jews, because it sure as hell confuses me.“

    So because a few, like 4 nor less, of the congressional Democrats criticized Israeli policies, you expect all Jews to march lockstep to the GOP?

    The Middle East has been a problem for decades. And you, along with Trump, are dragging out the old “if you’re not for me, you’re against me” stuff.

    Miftah probably has some less than stellar supporters. However, recall that Israel was founded with a strong terrorist campaign of its own. It’s a tough neighborhood and a really, really tough nut to crack when it comes to peaceful solutions.

    I am not excusing terrorism. But it is a fact of political life in many areas of the world, including here. Just because most conservatives want tougher immigration policies does not mean they agree with the El Paso shooter.

    I am afraid you are trying to paint the political landscape with a broad brush. That would be the same as what you condemn liberals for. Because David Duke is an avid Trump supporter and the Unite the Right rallies are favored by supremacists does that make Republican for Trump Nazis?

    I didn’t think so.

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  4. This quote from a piece in the NYT by Bari Weiss pretty much sums up the situation concerning Trump and Jewish loyalty:

    “If 2,000 years of diasporic living has taught the Jews anything, it’s that an existence that is contingent upon the kindness of strangers is never too safe or too long lasting. A president with authoritarian tendencies who cares about nothing more than lock-step loyalty is not one American Jews, let alone anyone, can rely on.”

    We (The Jewish People) have been down this road numerous times throughout our history. That is why, IMHO, American Jews should tread carefully around Trump and his calls of disloyalty.


  5. “…American Jews should tread carefully around Trump and his calls of disloyalty.”

    Every American needs to heed that advice.

    Accusations of disloyalty preceded Japanese internment, the McCarthy hearings, Vietnam War protests, the run up to the invasion of Iraq among other infamous milestones in our history.

    The word implies a lack of unquestioned patriotism during times of national stress. And almost always is applied to a class of people for purposes of popular rancor and nationalist fervor.

    I am reminded of the first meeting Trump had with his cabinet and all the chiefs had to voice some kind of adulation for Trump. One at a time around the room.

    A loyalty affirmation really. Not loyalty to our nation and it’s Constitution but rather to Trump himself.

    But I think most Americans see through that kind of charade after the last couple of years.

    I hope.

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