First Impressions of The Virginian-Pilot’s New Online Format

First impressions can be lasting, or fleeting. I don’t know which it will be with my first imipression of The Pilot’s new online design, but overall I like it.

It is visually handsome and easy to navigate, reminiscent of the old Virginian-Pilot of my youth, in the sense of being discreetly formal.

I won’t miss the Comments feature. My very first post there more than 10 years ago was greeted with unsavory howls, and the onslaught of irrational opprobrium never let up. Good riddance.

I notice the secondary material that now foots a letter to the editor appears to be endlessly long. I tried scrolling to the very last entry, finding a mixture of sponsored content and Pilot stories all the way down. My patience gave out before the interminable list did. I suspect the entire Internet may be lurking in the unexplored reaches, a miracle of the new design.

I do miss the Editorial Cartoon at the top of the Commentary page. Perhaps it will return, or perhaps it will continue only as a special feature of the print edition.

No matter. On the whole The Pilot has done itself proud. The editors have restored a sense of quality which can justify self-respect.

6 thoughts on “First Impressions of The Virginian-Pilot’s New Online Format

  1. First impression: The design strikes me as light and airy. I would make a joke about it being reflective of the content, but there have been some good stories today—most recently, a piece about another failed murder prosecution in Norfolk.

    I had a hard time finding the link to the Opinion page (where I used to spend most of my time) on my phone this morning; it is easier to navigate on a desktop. On the plus side: They deleted “” from below the masthead, which always struck me as unsightly.


      1. On the top of the Home Page, under the masthead, there are 5 link boxes highlighted in blue (on the desktop version…I don’t own a smartphone or tablet). They are, in order (in case the print is too small to read on a phone): NEW WEBSITE FEEDBACK, NEWS, SPORTS, BUSINESS, ENTERTAINMENT and OPINION.

        I hope that is helpful.


  2. I went to the feedback page at VP and commented that I, and many others, would like them to put the Toons back in. This is the reply I got from Erica Smith.

    “Thanks for your feedback! We’re working on getting the editorial cartoons back online.”

    So patience, all. IT seems like they do want to get it there.


    1. UPDATE: There is now a link to click on the OPINION page for today’s cartoon. However, when I clicked on it, the Ramirez toon never loaded. I guess they are still working on it. But it’s a start.


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