One thought on “Congress Doesn’t Really Matter

  1. Why criticize Democrats only? Republicans are older than Democrats by 4.5 years in total, and there are far more < 40 year-old Democrats than Republicans. Average wealth of Republicans in Congress is 19% higher than Democrats, and Republican congresspersons hold 40% fewer town halls than Democrats if you’re concerned about not being available to their constituents.
    Ridiculous charge against Sanders – if you don’t believe the book deal, prove it. He has properly reported his income and disclosed his tax returns.
    Second ridiculous charge – Sanders dodged the draft. No, he didn’t. It’s well documented that he did no such thing. He did apply as a conscientious objector, but that was never finalized. He turned 26 before his number ever came up.
    Biden got college deferments, same as Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, same as millions of others. When his deferments ended, his medical classification based on a military physical exam was 1-Y due to his asthma, a well documented and life-long condition. Unlike Cadet BoneSpurs whose bone spurs were only diagnosed by a Queens podiatrist who then received a sweetheart real estate deal from Trump’s father.
    Mueller himself said that his report does not exonerate Trump and admitted that, absent the Justice Department policy against indicting a sitting president, Trump would be indicted for obstruction of justice. One may disagree with impeaching Trump, but how is it not even the purview of Congress to do so? For heaven’s sake, it’s their constitutional duty to do so when warranted.
    All Congress does is meet all day long, nothing that serves the Republic? this from a deputy secretary of state?
    Judges and SCOTUS don’t affect where the Republic is going? Jeebus man, you’re not paying attention. The courts are incredibly powerful when it comes to enforcement of regulations, especially tax law. The watering down of anti-trust laws by the judiciary over the past 40 years is breathtaking – the judiciary has created de facto oligarchies across multiple industries.
    Congress is irrelevant and if it bribes the American people, it will be the end of Congress. No, that’s not what he said. He said that the American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money. De Toqueville was wrong; the American Republic will endure until the day the business oligarchs discover that they can bribe the Congress and thereby steal the public’s money. That day came in 1980, and the American Republic has been dying ever since.


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