Pilot to end comments Aug 19

End of comments at Pilot Site

So, there will be no comments at the Pilot. This blog was opened to provide an alternate forum, now it seems it will be the only one.

All are welcome, read the rules before commenting.

My wife and I will be away for a few days beginning on the 19th, so I won’t be able to respond to Author status requests until the 22nd. John and Len should be able to help you.

15 thoughts on “Pilot to end comments Aug 19

  1. The letter sent in response (a shorter version was bounced by their phony contact):

    I am extremely disappointed to read that you are eliminating the comments on articles, editorials and letters, In a time when division is rife, when people get their information from entirely different sources, alienation and social division are increasing and national cohesion is increasing threatened. As I wrote in an article now in Veer Magazine, “It isn’t just TV and radio but computers that increasingly divide us from each other via the internet which serves in many ways to reinforce our chosen views and our social bubbles. An important exception to this locally is the give and take, stilted as it is, in the commentary on Pilotonline which allows us to publicly challenge each others views.”

    The comments are important because they are one of the few places left where people with different opinions can meet, where information, views and issues of the day can be discussed. It is what was left of our town square. Like our once local paper, it has been eviscerated and is now being killed. I can tell you that, crossword puzzles an obits aside, the online commentary is the last reason I had to justify subscribing to what passes for the Virginian Pilot.

    Though this terrible decision has been handed down by the Chicago owners it is reflective of the real cost to us of corporate consolidation of our media. Media giants are only concerned with profits, This decision will negatively impact your bottom line, as the stripping of value and relevance from the product offered will mean further a losses in an already dwindling customer base. It is also part of a continuing travesty for our country as we continue to be divided against ourselves. I ask you, knowing a decision has been made and that you are likely powerless regarding how you run your bit of the TRONC product, to reverse this bad move and maintain the ability of paying subscriber to comment.

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    1. I think your request, Al, to the Pilotonline people was well stated and completely reasonable. The ‘commenting’ site that has brought us all together for many years will certainly be missed, every day.

      Being the longest regular ‘commenting’ woman on this site, I always believed that femal voices were important at the site. Even at times when I thoroughly disagreed with other women’s posts the fact that we were being represented was a plus for us all. Our voices, though small our numbers were were as welcomed as much as the larger numbers of men.

      We women often had to deal with personal comments about our bodies, our emotions and you name it – but we sucked it up and very few ‘flags’ were flung by us to moderators. And, I think we used our ‘MUTE’ buttons as a last resort in most cases.

      So, I too, Al, hope that the new corporate owners of the Pilotonline will reconsider their decision to shut down the ‘commenting’ site.

      For a group of people who mostly never interacted or met face-to-face, it was a group which WAS full of thoughts, opinions and yes, emotions, too.

      We will be missed and not only by those who we interacted with, but by those who chose to NOT join in, for whatever reason.

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      1. I hope you can stop by here once in a while and sit on a virtual porch swing and chat. I have always enjoyed your perspective and writing.


        1. I concur.
          And good morning all.
          Another beautiful day in Tidewater begins.
          Note: As an old submariner, I retained my original moniker from VP, (with a minor change in spelling).
          I am Richard Wellons, aka Finbackrich on this site.


      2. Thank you Jane, though we disagree from time to time I have always appreciated your comments and presence. I too will miss the comments which have been part of my mornings for decades. Sometimes many great conversations happened in public that hopefully inspired deeper thinking on issues. I think such public venues are essential to any democracy. Sadly corporate media giants see no value in it. Thanks again and I’ll probably drop by here from time to time.


  2. Don, I have posted the link several times with requests to “pass it on”.

    So far it has not been disabled.

    We’ll see if we can get a variety of folks this time.

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  3. PS:

    I have forgotten most of the quirks and details of posting, author status etc. I’ll do what can, but I don’t want to confuse people…or myself for that matter🙈


    1. Once you have AUTHOR status and your WordPress ID, you will see a WordPress logo and My Sites.

      Click on that and you will get a drop down menu. Select ‘Posts” and you will get a list of your posts and a button to add a new post.

      Enter a title, and then in the main block insert the link to the article you wish to discuss, and then a short statement on the article. Then preview and publish your comment. Return tot he Home screen and it should be there.


      1. Thanks. It’ll come back to.

        I have posted a bunch more links to this site on PilotOnline. If anyone else wants to do the same it might help grow the population…through “immigration” no less.


  4. NOTE: I just learned that the CONTACT page is not working as it should. I added an Email link to that page. If you tried to contact me by way of the CONTACT form, I didn’t get it. Please use the Email link until I can fix the contact form.


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