A failed experiment?

The number of participants here has dwindled over recent weeks to the point that it no longer serves its purpose.

It appears people have found it easier to adapt to the Pilot’s restrictive limits and avoidance of national news than to keep a second tab open on their browsers.

But the marketplace has spoken, I will let this blog go dormant for a couple of weeks and if nothing changes, take it down.

2 thoughts on “A failed experiment?

  1. It was good to try. Thank you for making the effort.

    My takeaway is that people who post at the Pilot (myself included) don’t see the venue as a marketplace of ideas, but as an opportunity to influence public opinion.

    If you think advertising might help you build traffic, I’ll pony up $100, no strings.

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  2. Actually, I learned many new perspectives from the blog – however, I may not agree with many of the comments. Originally I was thinking the blog served to expand the the limited commenting (or no commenting available) regarding the Pilot’s daily presentation of “news”. The predominate commenters here are obviously more learned on a much broader scale than the average individual. Thus, the blog extends beyond many individual’s interest range. While I have adapted to the Pilot’s abbreviated comment section, it is still frustrating to read comments from the “low information” folks. I would suggest a more narrow focus of Tidewater’s local “hot button” issues that are of more interest to a regional audience. Such things as Norfolk’s Mayor announcement regarding an arena, local politicians perspectives, municipal matters on the southside and even “What’s in the Water” comments.


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