One thought on “Pilot Editorial: Ending phone data collection honors Constitution

  1. NSA doesn’t capture just “records of phone calls and text messages sent within the United States.” It captures the phone calls and the text messages themselves, plus the full content of emails, social media pages and posts shared in forums like this one. The collection is effectively global in scope.

    Unclear, too, is what part of the surveillance operation may be allowed to expire. When you can perform live queries against the global telecommunications system in real time, for example, it is no longer necessary to store a copy of the system’s data on superomputers located inside a mountain in Utah.

    Consider this tidbit well-known and well-documented by followers of the mysterious Qanon: Facebook began as a DARPA project called “LifeLog.” The very day LifeLog shut down, the commercial company Facebook sprung into being. Consider, too, that merely installing Facebook on your smart phone automaticlly gives the company access to every iota of information on the device or which the device is able to capture, even without your knowledge.

    The Google story is similar. That company also began life under murky circumstances during the development of the architecture of the World Wide Web.

    The point is not to be fearful, but to be awake. The Pilot fails its audience in this respect.


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