NRO: Paul Manafort Was an Agent of Ukraine, Not Russia

Little by little the truth that the Russia Collusion narrative is a lie is becoming indisputable. In this contribution to the light, Andrew McCarthy explains how it is that Paul Manafort faces no charges for being a Russian agent.

9 thoughts on “NRO: Paul Manafort Was an Agent of Ukraine, Not Russia

  1. Read the link. Manafort owed $25 million to a Russian oligarch, Derepaska. All oligarchs are very close to Putin…or they die. His Ukrainian client sought refuge in Moscow. His partner Kilimnick has close ties to Russian intelligence and Putin.

    And Manafort has no relationship with Russia?

    And Meyer Lansky was just Luciano’s accountant.

    NR makes the best argument yet that Manafort was in bed with Russia.

    “I did not have sex with that woman” seems plausible in comparison.

    After reading your link, I think Trump is in serious trouble.


    1. You should read the link, especially this statement: “Having business with Deripaska did not make Manafort a Russian spy. No more than taking $500,000 from a Kremlin-tied bank made Bill Clinton a Russian spy.”


      1. That comparison is bogus. But always dragged out as “see, he did it too”.

        $25M debt to an oligarch is serious stuff. People die for less. And all the other connections I listed from your link are much tighter relationships than a speaking fee donation to the Clinton Foundation.


        1. RE: “And all the other connections I listed from your link are much tighter relationships than a speaking fee donation to the Clinton Foundation.”

          What’s your theory, then, on why Mueller didn’t charge Manafort for any form of “Russia Collusion.” If the evidence is plain, as you say, why no charge?


  2. Typical Trumpian intellectual dishonesty. Manafort was working for Putin’s puppet in the Ukraine. He was therefore working for Putin.

    How much of this kind of dishonesty from a source are people such as yourself willing to stomach before a little voice in your head whispers that maybe, just maybe, you should stop and think?


    1. I think you are the one who has been duped. As McCarthy puts it: “Deripaska, you’ve repeatedly been told, is Putin’s oligarch. That may be true — they are close enough for Putin to have intervened on his behalf when the U.S. government imposed travel restrictions. But former senator Bob Dole intervened on Deripaska’s behalf, too. So did the FBI, when they thought Deripaska could help them rescue an agent detained in Iran. So did Christopher Steele, the former British spy of Steele-dossier infamy.”


      1. So that makes Derepaska beholden to the FBI, Steele and Bob Dole. Two of which are influential and powerful figures in the most powerful nation in the world.

        But Manafort was beholden big time to Derepaska. And Manafort was already known as a shady con man who sucked millions from other shady con men. He could very well be swimming with the sturgeons in the Caspian and few would miss him.


        1. Are you promoting a conspiracy theory? The fact is, the Manafort prosecution is over, with no Russian Collusion charges forthcoming.


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