22 thoughts on “Former President speaks to nation in Mar-a-Lago after arrest

  1. Attacking the judge and his family is such a wise legal strategy.

    Let him keep running off at the mouth and the judge COULD revoke any bond. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is within his purview to do so after he admonished Mr. Trump not to get out of line in his comments.

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  2. At the very least this piece of shit ought to be under a gag order and face immediate incarceration if he violates it. So far he has put the DA, the DA’s wife, the Judge, and the Judge’s daughter in real physical danger with his inciteful rhetoric.


    1. Uh, no. Bragg single handedly put all of them in the spotlight by bringing this viscous display of left wing extremist TDS to the table. And Bragg alone is responsible for any adverse reactions by trying to play politics in a court of public opinion.


        1. Dr Tabor, is this type of extremely vulgar and ugly name calling an appropriate and acceptable standatd for dialog in this forum? How long must we endure this perversion of civility?


          1. LOL!

            Bwaah! He can dish it out but he cannot take it.

            Your calling for mass murder of sick people being left un-challenged was the last straw. There is no reasonable moderation on this forum. Maybe that is a good thing and we can call a spade a spade in plain idiomatic English.

            FWIIW, in a party full of liars, charlatans, racists, homophobes, and dopes you stand out as the poster child of “deplorable.”

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    2. Well, the judge could fix it all by doing the right thing and dismissing these bogus charges with prejudice. Trump would have to admit he isn’t biased after all.


      1. “bogus charges ”

        Utter nonsense. Again.

        The facts and the evidence could not be more clear. There is nothing “bogus” about the charges. Trump lead a conspiracy to defraud the American people using ILLEGAL campaign contributions in kind and then covered up that crime with accounting violations of New York law. His co-conspirators – Cohen and AMI – have acknowledged their role in this criminal behavior. Each and every count is fully documented.

        Trump ought to cop a plea and save his legal fees for the more serious indictments to come.

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          1. “Bragg alleges the entries rise to felony level because they were made to affect the 2016 election. The entries were made in 2017”

            You still parroting this bogus point? These payments were not made to effect the election. That is not what is alleged. They were made to cover-up crimes committed in 2016. Cover-ups ALWAYS follow the crime. This point could not be easier to grasp. If you want to.

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  3. I think even the legality of the charges won’t be resolved until after Trump is elected president again. Democrats asked for this and it will bite them in the ass.


    1. ” Democrats asked for this and it will bite them in the ass.”

      Didn’t realize that the Democrats had anything to do with Trump’s alleged illegal acts.

      And there are STILL 3 more investigations/grand juries coming. You seem to be stuck on this instance of law-breaking alone. Two federal and one other state has news coming.

      I heard tell of a story that people in prison like to say they wouldn’t be there if the cops hadn’t caught them. This sounds VERY similar.

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  4. The speech was like a drug induced stream of consciousness, or unconsciousness really, rehashing inaccurate recollections of well documented events.

    But, for a man who thinks he is second only to God, Jesus really, and will evidently take the hits for his followers…wow. This is the shooting on Fifth Avenue all over again.

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  5. I think the strategy is to drop the Georgia indictments in a couple of months and then the documents a couple of months later.

    All will eventually be dismissed, but Trump will be unable to campaign because of all the court dates.

    The smart move for DeSantis right now would be to condemn the process and promise the first thing he will do when elected will be to give Trump a general pardon to end the unjust witch hunt and let Trump retire in comfort as Ambassador to the UN.(he would need a hobby)

    That would let him displace Trump while gaining the support of Trump’s voters.


        1. “Can’t think of a better explanation for leading with the weakest case.”
          Really? You can’t?

          How about the fact that this case has been in the works the longest and is the least complex and is remarkably easy to document?

          But if it is a deliberate decsion who do you suppose is making these “strategy”decisions?
          Go ahead. Share. We could all use a good laugh.

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        2. Maybe the weakest, but not the last. Your alleged “strategy” is just another pitiful attempt at prognostication on your part.

          It is a blatant attempt by you to claim that it is all a Democratic plot. Yet you say nothing about the criminality of the accused.

          No one made up stories about what Trump has done. It is fully supported by evidence and witnesses. But it’s Trump, so, no matter HOW many times you claim you don’t, you just HAVE to scream about how much you support him.

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    1. …”unjust witch hunt”…

      Pray tell, exactly what is unjust about investigating and prosecuting criminal activity? Or is Mr. Trump above the law?

      If there was nothing chargeable in ANY of the investigations into his activity, you might have a leg to stand on. Now you are just repeating his screams about “witch hunts” and looking as foolish as he does.

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