“Cheap” Solar Costs More Than Offshore Wind?

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This is curious. One wonders how a story like this could even happen.

Apparently, Dominion Energy Virginia can purchase electricity from multiple sources, but chooses the most expensive option. There is no evidence of foul play; just weird decision making.

I read the story as an example of insular government operating in a bubble that excludes the people it supposedly serves. The minor insanity of irrational environmentalism is surely a factor.

4 thoughts on ““Cheap” Solar Costs More Than Offshore Wind?

  1. It’s not weird at all once you understand that Dominion is in the ‘subsidy harvesting business’ and not in the business of providing electricity economically.

    When it buys electricity from a subsidized provider, the provider gets the subsidy, so they interpret the law in a manner to freeze out its competitors and get all the subsidy themselves.


      1. Fair enough. Then we’re back to this being a story about insular government operating without regard to the interests of the citizenry.


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