She wrote the book on WOKE, but can’t define it.

The Original can be found at, but the link would not load here.

I have asked folks here to define the new big, Right Wing buzzword, WOKE, with little to no actual knowledge gained about what it means. “Despite her new book being all about how the “woke” left is destroying and indoctrinating America’s youth, Bethany Mandel choked when she was asked what that word actually means.”

So you profess to have this grand knowledge about WOKE, but when asked to define it, you can’t?

““So, I mean, woke is sort of the idea that, um,” the conservative writer stammered before presciently adding: “This is going to be one of those moments that goes viral.”

A struggling Mandel continued: “I mean, woke is something that’s very hard to define, and we’ve spent an entire chapter defining it. It is sort of the understanding that we need to totally reimagine and reduce society in order to create hierarchies of oppression. Um, sorry, I—it’s hard to explain in a 15-second sound bite.””

The host then offered as much time as she needed. Then the co-host, an editor at The Reason (Libertarian Website), tried to help. Tried, but with little success.

So what is WOKE?

“While the idea of “wokeness” has become a central issue for Republican politicians, it appears to have limited salience for many Americans. A recent USA Today-Ipsos poll found that the majority of Americans — 56 percent — had a positive association with “woke,” understanding it to mean “to be informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices.””

14 thoughts on “She wrote the book on WOKE, but can’t define it.

    1. “Woke is hypocritical virtue signaling backed by force of government.”

      So one of your meaningless buzz words can be defined by more of your meaningless buzz words. And now a defining feature of “woke” is that it has the force of government. I guess that gets Disney off the hook. All other businesses, and just about every University. What a relief!

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    2. Not according to the founder of Woke. Look up what Chris Rufo calls it. A way to “own the libs” PERIOD.

      And take a look at the poll numbers cited in the piece. The majority of those polled understand what being “woke” really means. …” “to be informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices.””

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  1. RE: “I have asked folks here to define the new big, Right Wing buzzword, WOKE, with little to no actual knowledge gained about what it means.”

    Have you, now? Your last post on this topic featured a so-called scholar who claimed woke is an undefined term. Had he looked the word up in the dictionary, he could have saved hismself the trouble of writing the ignorant essay he wrote.

    I will again share with you the link I shared last time:

    But because I suspect you don’t know anything about the Oxford English Dictionary, I will share this link, as well:

    This meme that Republicans can’t tell you the meaning the word is a dog that won’t hunt.


    1. So “woke” has a definition. From a source you trust. Here it is . . .

      “woke, adjective: Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice; frequently in stay woke.”

      Now that we agree on its meaning, please share, why are Republicans running for office on the claim that it is baaaaad to be “woke?”

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  2. Woke is you THINK you are informed, educated on and aware of social injustices. What I find interesting is lefties can’t define social injustice but can only offer anecdotal instances of perceived injustice as proof. Woke means you think white people owe blacks, men pretending to be women deserve access to women’s locker rooms, showers and sports despite real women’s rights to privacy. Woke means you think 7 year old children should be taught about anal sex, cutting off your penis is normal and having homosexual sex with your teacher is cool. Woke means you believe whites exploit blacks, that the judicial system is racist and rigged against blacks, cops are all racist and all of the other CRT garbage. So you want a definition? Woke is defined as a massively ignorant, disgraceful and disgusting left wing movement that wishes to destroy the moral fabric of a morally balanced and decent populous.


    1. Your fact-free filled rant is noted. It is also NOT the definition. I tis YOUR feeling of what it means. Your feelings are misplaced (IMO) and based on anecdotes, not facts. But you can have your definition. I hope you and it are very happy. But it is based on a lot of fantastical thinking and lack of acceptance of those who do not look, love, pray or LIVE the same way you do.

      AS far as some “morally balanced and decent populous”, you rule yourself out of it with your words. Decent people, who may not like the way someone else lives, don’t attack them with hateful language. Just an observation from one who is awake.

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          1. Mr. Smith, you are delusional. Your “definition” is full of anecdotal stories that may or may not be true.

            The true definition of “woke” is basically awareness of social injustices, past and present. The rest of your stuff is just not true in the real world. Your lack of awareness continues.


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