The NEW Snowflakes on the block

Jonah Goldberg tells it like it is with regard to Fox viewers and how Faux News is treating them. All in the name of revenue.

12 thoughts on “The NEW Snowflakes on the block

  1. Pretty obvious the “stars” at FOX were actors, given a script with little a little adlib once in a while. What a group of unpatriotic turds selling divisive stories for money.

    Oh my, there is that word again: divisive. Shoot, it was all BLM and Obama’s fault.

    Truth was not in session then, and Tucker continues with his lies, so egregious that even conservatives object. Really, the Russian propaganda machine pales in comparison. They may not have reach that FOX has…or did they? Hmmm.

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    1. Well, sometimes actions and words are so egregious even true believers “come to Jesus”.

      Don’t rejoice, you bet that in a few months the gaslighting starts. Tucker was opining, Murdoch was senile, Hannity, Ingraham, were just joking, the usual crap.

      The ignorance defense might be easier, what with so much practice.

      I say line up the barges off Gitmo, this time for Republican fear mongers.

      Hey, Ginny thought it was good idea when she passed it on.

      Honestly, I think Republican leadership really doesn’t care for our nation. Oh some do, of course, but if they speak out for America, they are jammed into the sideboards.

      Or assassinated. By Oathkeepers and other assorted lowlifes on the right.


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  2. I have noticed a pattern over the years wherein some posters in the Forum portray conservative opinions that align with their own views as representing a repudiation of conservativism itself. This post looks like an example of this.

    As a conservative I must say that Jonah Goldberg criticising Fox News means nothing to me. I began losing interest in Goldberg back in 2016 when he and his cronies at National Review became anti-Trumpers for what I considered to be dishonest reasons.

    I must say, too, that Fox News produces TV shows. For that reason along there is no point in taking Fox News seriously. So, if you think that calling Fox News viewers snowflakes is to make a profound point in some way, you are just wasting your time, as Goldberg does in his essay.



    1. Snowflakes or suckers. Or both. No difference really. FOX pushed the election lies till the end and thousands of people stormed the Capitol who were convinced by the daily onslaught of conspiracies from opinion and The Business News side headed by Maria B.

      And you are playing the “I knew all along that FOX was lying for money because they had other TV shows too” game.

      Pardon me, but that is the biggest load of crap. Every major network has both news and entertainment. They did not see fit to divide us for cash. Nightly and with insults to the non-believers among us: non-Trump worshippers.

      You may not have agreed with other news sources, but they mostly told it like it was with regards to “space satellites” and Chavez. Even the supposedly academic crap of vote totals v. registered voter were BS. And now we learn from their own mouths that they took people for suckers to feed the coffers of Murdoch. And still doing it through Tucker’s edits already disparaged by serious Republicans.

      FOX News was excoriated for telling the truth so it would not contradict the traitors at prime time. Purposely feeding bullshit to the mushrooms in the MAGA cave.

      So zig and zag all you want, but you guys need to own this disaster. And if not yet, you will.

      Finally, if you are looking for excuses, you are a snowflake, IMO.

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      1. RE: “So zig and zag all you want, but you guys need to own this disaster.”

        There is no disaster. It only exists as a figment of your inflamed imagination.


        1. You know, not long ago you told me to “f#ck off” but n a fit of pique.

          I won’t do that.

          Inflamed imagination or not, I am sure you understand.

          If you don’t, I fully understand that.

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        2. RE: “The January 6 riot was a disaster for the entire country. The continued belief of many Americans that Donald Trump really won the 2020 election is a disaster.”

          I don’t believe either of those things, but I find that some people who do use those ideas as an excuse to hate others.


          1. “I don’t believe either of those things, but I find that some people who do use those ideas as an excuse to hate others.”

            LOL! Your peeps were the perps so of course you think it is no big deal.

            If there are “excuses” to hate others, their trying to destroy our country from within might be near the top of the list

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