More insight into Scott Adams

The Dilbert Cancelled thread was getting too long – IMO.

A good look at Adams’ issues. And he has watched HOURS of Adams’ videos.

8 thoughts on “More insight into Scott Adams

  1. What is interesting about his statements is that it would be much harder to avoid the Irish, or Italians, or Poles…earlier immigrant groups that were treated poorly for a few generations. So we are back to identifying Blacks by skin color. I am not sure if mulattoes, quadroons or octoroons still count or not in his assessment. Or how he would even know.

    I believe that given enough time, we will be all cafe au lait. Interracial marriages are much more common, at least in public venues and in advertising. Hard to discriminate on color if the skin is a nice light olive.

    So that complicates things for racists. They may have to look for stereotypical signs such as names. Like the Jews. Last names may be enough for the neo-Scum to take potshots, but not always. Not like skin color. (Maybe checking penises, but then lots a folks were circumcised in the past for supposed health reasons.)

    So Adams dug a hole. Still digging too.

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  2. That might seem clever if you haven’t viewed the original video. But it not only selects bits out of context. it portrays them out of order.

    Seriously, seeking out the opinions of people who hate Adams if a poor, and lazy, alternative to listening to the actual statement.


    1. …” seeking out the opinions of people who hate Adams if a poor, and lazy, alternative to listening to the actual statement.”

      1). I did not go looking for this. It was lined in one of several newsletters I get daily.
      2) This particular essayist has watched a LOT of Adams’s history. TO clime he didn’t listen to the “actual statement” is BULLSHIT.

      3) Why do you work so damned hard to defend such race-based hatred? Closet racist? Or just blind to what ACTUAL racism is?


      1. I said YOU didn’t listen to it, so you have no idea if his evaluation was relevant or accurate.

        I see no hatred in Scott’s podcast. His assessment of the current acceptance of violence against White people in a subset of the Black population appears to be correct.

        There are multiple unprovoked attacks against White and Asian people posted online every day. People don’t post themselves committing felonies unless they are confident there will be no consequences and witnesses will not identify them. And in every one of those videos, there are plenty of witnesses, including the videographer, and none of them lift a finger to stop it.

        So, there is hatred, but it is Black hatred, and it has been endorsed and encouraged by the party of Woke. You have created a monster and now you refuse to see it.


        1. Most videos posted of any attacks are not by the perpetrators. If they are, they are most likely gang related initiation tactics.

          “You have created a monster and now you refuse to see it.”

          Nice attempt at Trumpian style deflection. Accusing me of doing what you yourself are doing. A for effort, but you get a big yellow BS flag thrown on that play.

          “I see no hatred in Scott’s podcast.”

          And that is the problem. You don’t see it because you don’t WANT to see it. – IMO. You have NO idea what it is like to be discriminated against and to have have tossed your way by anyone. Once you get discriminated against or attacked for being Jewish, or Black, or Asian, you let me know. Until then stop attempting to justify the racist rants of a true loon.

          There is no party of Woke. No more than there is a Party of Little Green Boogeymen. Woke is just a buzzword with little actual real meaning to it, in this context. But you just keep using it like you want to be governor of Florida or Texas.


          1. “IMO. You have NO idea what it is like to be discriminated against and to have have tossed your way by anyone. Once you get discriminated against ”

            And there you go, making excuses for the inexcusable.

            This, along with the destruction of the Black family, is what created these feral thugs.

            Deny it all you want, this is the creation of th party of Woke,


          2. …”th party of Woke,”

            No such animal. Like ANTIFA, it is used to generate distrust and to foment lies and conspiracies.

            And your deflection attempt is swatted away like so many fruit flies.

            What is wrong with being aware of hate and discrimination and trying to fix it? You keep blaming a lot of other things while offering nothing substantive to fix it. You deny the existence of the problem. The alleged “woke” acknowledge the problems and fight to fix them. You and your tribe deny existence and blame the people trying to fix it.

            ANd you still have no idea what hate and discrimination feel like when directed to you.


          3. It’s your side trying to FIX things that caused the problems.

            For 60 years you have told young women that they didn’t need a husband to support them and you have told young men they need not be concerned with children they fathered because Uncle Sam would step up and provide for them. They listened, and the Black family that endured through Jim Crow and the KKK as a fortress has been destroyed. Now 80% of Black babies are born outside of marriage into single parent matriarchal homes where men are interchangeable and expendable, Surprise, many young Black men fully expect to be dead or in prison by 30, and see no reason to try for better.

            You sure fixed that.

            For the last decade, you have been telling Blacks that White people are oppressors who want to put them back in chains, and that human beings are defined by ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Blackness’ and not as individuals. They are told that things like showing up for work on time and dressed appropriately are White oppression, and that they are owed whatever they want.

            Now young thugs are proud to post videos of themselves brutally attacking people based on race because they have been told they are entitled to hate.

            Mobs of Black men and women loot stores unafraid of arrest because they know Soros prosecutors will let them off, and retailers are fleeing the cities leaving honest people no place to shop.

            How about you just stop fixing things while we clean up your mess?


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