A VICE look at Don’s Favorite

Make your own decisions on how real Libs of Tik Tok is.

51 thoughts on “A VICE look at Don’s Favorite

  1. My decision is that Vice is stupid. Before showing that Libs of Tik Tok is part of some vast right wing conspiracy, Vice needs to show that the vast right wing conspiracy is real. Vice’s failure to do so is — technically — a tautological error.


          1. That’s an odd way to admit that they didn’t.

            A conspiracy is not required to get parents pissed off about showing adult penises to 8 year old girls.


          2. “That’s an odd way to admit that they didn’t.”

            Being blinded by one’s own biases makes it impossible for one to see that this particular right wing conspiracy is true.

            “A conspiracy is not required to get parents pissed off about showing adult penises to 8 year old girls.”

            Then stop doing it. Fake attacks on an entire community for the bad behavior of a SMALL minority (in your world of thinking, think Proud Boys) is what is happening and the entire LGBTQ+ community is threatened by it.

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          3. “A conspiracy is not required to get parents pissed off about showing adult penises to 8 year old girls.”

            Probably not, but who is doing that with impunity? There are very strict laws against indecent exposure and the punishments can be severe – especially if the victim is a child.

            Frankly, your posts are rapidly descending into the freudian territory normally occupied by Mr. Smith.

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          4. “A conspiracy is not required to get parents pissed off about showing adult penises to 8 year old girls.”

            Probably so. Does that include “head” shots of Republican pols…could not resist. Sorry😈

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      1. It is the error of making an argument by tautology, in this case by claiming that a vast right wing conspiracy exists based on the fact the Libs of Tik Tok exists.


        1. “It is the error of making an argument by tautology . . .”

          A tautology is logically true and cannot be false by virtue of the words used in making the statement. I do not see a tautology at play here. What if “Libs of Tik Tok” refers to leftists sharing leftist memes? That it is a “conservative” site is a matter of fact, not of words. It’s existence is evidence of that “vast right wing conspiracy.” There is no logical error in citing it as such. IMHO, of course.

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  2. Conspiracies abound in right wing political discourse.

    Deep state. QAnon. Chavez and Dominion. Bamboo fibers on ballots. Dead people voting in large numbers. Democrat servers in Ukraine. Vaccine magnetizing people.

    Hard to say if it is “vast monolithic” source or just opportunists looking for votes or money.

    However, FOX could fall into that category. Spreading known lies, admitted lies per discovery, to further the efforts to overturn the election while threatening the News side with job loss if they contradicted them. With executives, including Murdoch himself, demanding adherence to “respect” the revenue sources over truth, we may be on the precipice of a truly remarkable and now exposed conspiracy. Keeping the canard of a stolen election alive so as to facilitate the actual crime of stealing the election via violence.

    The hubris of the media stars and the executives is what yanked down their pants as they cashed their outsized paychecks. Emails, texts and memos are the evidence of feeling invulnerable or above the law.

    News at eleven.

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    1. RE: “Conspiracies abound in right wing political discourse.”

      They are abundant in left wing political discourse, too. Your own comment provides several examples.


  3. There is grooming on a grand scale that has only been exposed in the last decades. The numbers are staggering, victims by the 100’s of thousands.

    The Catholic Church.




    (Over 300,000 over 70 years in France alone.)

    I doubt seriously that the handful of accused groomers among the LBGTQ community, educators and healthcare practitioners comes even close to this.

    We might as well toss in the Boy Scouts while we are watching the right feign outrage at a few drag shows.

    Private schools too. My alma mater had a huge scandal in the 80’s that came close to closing the school due to possible liabilities. A settlement was reached.

    Why doesn’t the right wing even mention this. This is grooming of Biblical proportions, pun fully intended. Technically it was about power and prestige protecting institutions in the most shameful ways.

    Of course this sounds like “whataboutism”, and it might be. But on balance the volume of cases within “trusted” institutions is enormous, here and worldwide.

    One could say these children were permanently “altared” if one were sarcastic. Okay, so I did say that😇.

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      1. “So, the bad behavior of the Catholic church in the past means we can never protect children again?”

        Children do not need to be protected from imaginary dangers. Drag queens and transgendered people are not a danger to children any more than any other adults. Probably less since they know the bigots like you are going to accuse them with or without cause.

        Priests, ministers, and various church subalterns are the real danger to children. They have been caught “grooming” and molesting children uncounted thousands of times. Stopping children from going to church or Bible School would do more to protect them than forbidding them to go with their parents to see drag queen entertainment.


        Your sick imaginations are not evidence. Cherry-picked videos spread by a self-serving opportunist are not evidence. MAGA is the party of hate and bigotry and you go out of your way to prove that with every post.

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      2. You know, I was wondering if that would come up.

        The answer is obvious: of course not.

        If you have an uncontrolled intersection that has 1000 collisions a month, you don’t put traffic lights on the dirt roads between farms 5 miles away with little traffic.

        But, you can enforce traffic laws in both places.

        Grooming is a right wing talking point. How much actually goes on seems very limited. And definitions are wobbly. It includes even answering a student why his teacher lives with another of the same sex. Perhaps “none of your friggin’ business, kid” would soothe the savage right hands of God. But I doubt it.

        Institutions that protect sexual assault of children is a huge deal. So debate the issues that are real, known and frequent, then focus on the occasional.

        You are doing the old “still beating your mother for beer money”. (I didn’t…preferred Scotch back then😇)

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        1. RE: “Grooming is a right wing talking point. How much actually goes on seems very limited.”

          If you have some numbers, that might help. I have seen stories where drag queens brag about grooming the next generation of LGBT adults. I have also seen reports that gender dysphoria rates among children have been increasing dramatically over several years. So, I am not inclined to pretend there is no problem here.


          1. “…seen reports…”

            Again, such as?

            Whatever is increasing could very well be just exposure. Just a few years back, or decades at most, such issues were verboten in polite company. Accepting LBGTQ issues doesn’t necessarily mean a growth in numbers other than through “coming out”. Like domestic abuse, no longer hidden doesn’t mean an increase, just that we are more aware.

            This hysteria on the right is reminiscent of the McMartin Day Care scandals last century. Turned out the prosecutors were, bluntly, full of crap and vengeance. Innocent people were destroyed to “protect the children” who, as it turned out, didn’t need protection except from prosecutors and warped psychologists.

            Meanwhile persecution and violence against LBGTQ folks continues. Need votes, dontcha know.

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      3. “Why doesn’t the right wing even mention this.”

        Because the Church helps fund their campaigns?

        Where is the outrage over the ACTUAL grooming done by the Church, et al.?

        Drag queens reading story books to children in a PUBLIC venue is entertainment that can actually groom the children to READ.

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        1. Shhh…they might read “Catcher in the Rye”. Caufield tried to get laid, or did, I can’t recall. Years of therapy got me over that hump, so to speak.

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  4. “Make your own decisions on how real Libs of Tik Tok is.”

    Good idea, how about you follow Libs of Tik Tok for a couple of weeks and see for yourself.

    Keep in mind, these are not hidden camera exposes like Project Veritas. They are videos the libs in question were proud enough of to post them for their friends to see.


    1. How weak-minded are you? It is a real question. You really think cherry-picked videos created by a miniscule number of troubled people and played on a loop is compelling evidence of a problem? While you ignore real evidence of a real problem?



      And what is your solution? Elect more Republicans like Gaetz, Jordan, Foley, Moore, Hastert, and Trump? Or don’t you think flirting with children and ogling them in their dressing rooms amounts to “grooming?”

      Some parents think their children would enjoy seeing a drag queen joking, singing, dancing, and reading children’s books. You going to join other MAGATS and demand such parents be locked up? In the Nutcracker, Mother Ginger is traditionally danced by a man pretending to be a woman for laughs. Uncounted thousands of children “groomed” by these odious dancers?

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    2. By the way, how do you actually know that ANYBODY you see on LibsOfTikTok is actually a “lib?” You just take that on trust where your numerous clicks put money in the bank account of Chaya Raichik who has already been busted for lying about Boston Children’s Hospital? Why are you so interested in such creepy material anyway?

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      1. She was not lying.


        Both Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s National Hospital in DC were recorded offering hysterectomies for children as young as 16.

        Boston Children’s Hospital has since pulled down its web pages offering the surgery.



        1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/08/26/childrens-national-hospital-trans-hysterectomies/



          There is more smoke than fire here. I would say this is a gotcha situation that amounts to very little.

          Like “Mules” and Veritas videos.

          Back to Baptists, Catholics and altar boys. Much bigger, more dangerous, more pervasive, more damaging and a conservative catastrophe.

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          1. Uh, no

            Boston Children’s changed their website after they were called out on it, but the original version is archived and the phone conversations with the sales reps are recorded.

            They don’t even deny offering mastectomies and vaginoplasties to teens, neither of which are reversible.

            Once those are done, there will be medical care required for life, the hospital will make at least a million for each one the sell.


          2. Did you see my links. There is a lot of confusion. The original website had surgery for ages 0-21. “0” Really? Come on Don it was a typo.

            Second, the conversation was with an operator or clerical worker. Did she talk to a counselor, doctor, or other care related folks.

            If you look for anomalies, you’ll find them …if you want policy you need to talk to administration folks. Or confirm with higher ups.

            You are trying so hard to make this a common, everyday disaster involving millions of coerced 10 year olds forced into surgery or worse. Out of 330 million people who are pretty much free to do whatever, you will find confirmation for the worst of anything.

            And stuff does happen.

            But this does not even approach the magnitude or destruction of lives in the church and institutions that cover up rape. Yet it took decades of investigation. First Amendment protections slowed everything. How dare we consider a priest predatory.

            There are young teen boys getting Tommy John surgery just to strengthen their pitching arm for when they get to college and pros. Young girls get nose jobs, breast enhancements, butt jobs. All invasive and risky procedures, to satisfy fantasies or parental desires. Ethical doctors don’t do those, but plenty of others will.

            This is a campaign issue, period. Yes, there is a push to accept LBGTQ and transgender folks to a greater level than decades past. Hanging them on barbed wire fences is no longer acceptable except to the dregs. This whole subject is just an extension of resistance to change, rights, and humanity for small minorities we used kill.

            Bumps in the road? Sure. But the right overstates to create overreaction. Death threats to hospital workers over a rigged video and echo chamber screeching is the norm today. 1/6was the exclamation point. Time to dial back.

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          3. Wapo was paywalled, I read the others. Neither denied to conversations were real, nor did they deny the video. Did you watch that?

            The people they talked to were effectively sales reps, no different that if you called a weight loss clinic, they have a script to follow.

            The link I provided showed Boston Children’s had done hysterectomies as young as 15. Vaginoplasties just as young. There is no going back after those.

            It’s not millions, but how many lives have to be ruined before we say no?

            But the question we should be asking is why they are pushing for puberty blockers and surgery when research shows that over 90% of those getting treatment have other problems like Autism and ADHD.

            Such interventions before they are adults are sales pitches, not medical advice.



          4. This is more complex than you allow.

            Do you think parents can deny medical care for their child because of religious reservations?

            Breast enlargement for under 18 girls? Rhinoplasty? Tommy John for 15 year old boys?

            As far as “effective sales reps”, their job is not to screen, but to get customers in. Sure bring your case and let our medical staff evaluate and counsel. Qualification and treatment are determined not over the phone anyway. You never had salesmen exaggerate, even lie, to get a foot in the door?

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          5. We’re not talking about an ad for Botox.

            We’re talking about irreversible changes that have serious consequences, among them sterility, the inability to experience orgasm, and lifelong surgical and pharmaceutical maintenance.

            Salesmanship has no place in such decisions.


          6. “Salesmanship has no place in such decisions.”

            What salesmanship? The telephone receptionist who answered questions who YOU say – without anything resembleing evidence – was effectively a sales rep. I suppose when not answering questions from fake concerned parents she spends her time cold-calling kindergardens looking for children to mutilate. Right?


          7. The proper action on such an enquiry would be to schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss options not to make offers the person on the phone had no authority to give.


          8. “The proper action . . .”

            Uh, so what? The hospital stated that this particular telephone receptionist made an error. You still have not proven your claim that this hospital has performed hyterectopmies earlier than their stated policy – which is 18. Did you make that up? Mis-read?

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          9. “The same article said they . . .”

            I have done searches of the two links above. Neither offers such a fact. Is there another link you are referring to?


        2. She was not lying.

          Yes, she was.

          These slimy sting artists got a low level employee to say something that was wrong in one of their who knows how many secretly recorded attempts.




          Boy oh boy are you eager to believe and share palpable horseshit. You should be embarrassed to admit how much time you spend on such a dishonest and creepy site.

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    3. According to YOU a minority of people represent the entire group. Funny how when it is someone from the right says something abhorrent, or propose bills to make vaccines illegal, they do not represent the entire group.

      You want so badly to have things both ways. You are a hypocrite and this is just one
      more instance proving it.

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        1. That dose not answer my comment. It explains Tik TOk, which needs no real explanation.

          MINORITY, where the lesser number is counted, but YOU assign the entire community the blame. EXCPET when your tribe does it.

          Such hypocrisy and you don’t even try to deny it.

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          1. I wouldn’t stand by and watch a Klansman attack a Black or Jew and do nothing, and I doubt you would either. If I were unable to intervene, I would at least bear witness.

            The Klan is a minority among Whites, but we do not tolerate them acting violently, much less post their crimes for entertainment.


        2. People post things on the internet for similar reasons we post things in this forum. To start a discussion or to piss someone else off.

          People with less than 100 followers post things, regardless of if they expect favorable responses or not.

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          1. But would you arrange for a friend to record an adult beating the crap out of a 12 year old of a different race or pushing and Asian woman in front of a subway train?

            Why are people so proud of such actions that they want the world to see?


          2. Boat fully missed.

            The scenario you describe is an outlier. But you just have to hook your wagon to the worst elements of society while actually ignoring the worst aspects of the right wing and those who peddle in hate and conspiracy.

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          3. It is the left that spreads hate, and has been for a decade at least.

            Outliers? Three or four of these videos show up every day.

            Yesterday a video came up of a Black man robbing a female Asian shopkeeper, after beating her up, he doused her with charcoal lighter and set her on fire.

            This wasn’t security camera footage, this was recorded and posted by a cohort, proud of their accomplishment.

            This is the predictable outcome of telling a generation they are entitled to hate other races and removing the consequences of such acts by electing Soros prosecutors.

            Good intentions, one party rule in cities and stupidity are a bad combination.


          4. “It is the left that spreads hate, and has been for a decade at least.”

            You are completely delusional. Completely. Anybody asserting their rights who is not white triggers you MAGA people. Their doing so is “divisive” and every attempt is being made in MAGA circles to outlaw “divisive” as much as possible.

            MAGA is a nostalgic yearning for the good old days – for white people – when the hegemony of white men was not questioned. Here is a heads up – we are not going back. Ever. The current death rattles of the GOP ought to tell you that.


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