19 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow

      1. I guess if you hate our government showing some respect to the LGBTQ community, think nothing is more fun than gay-bashing, and you really, really want the fascists to win the war in Ukraine, then maybe this joke is funny. The comments posted with it gives a pretty good insight into the sorts of people who get the hilarity.

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    1. What do you think your source is telling us?

      The way I see it, Ukraine can’t possibly sustain the logistics required to keep three different tank lines operational. That’s three different spare parts inventories, three different teams of mechanics, and three different types of fuel. Heck, the three different tanks don’t even shoot the same rounds.


          1. “You really don’t know anything, do you?”

            And what you claim to know is usually conspiracy theory BS that you attempt to spread as truth. And when called on it you get your panties in a big right wing wad.

            Wise one? Nah. Wise ASS? More likely.


          1. So they say. But how do you know that’s what they REALLY mean?? How do you know those sneaky Russians won’t paint them in rainbow colors and put them on the front lines in Ukraine??? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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          2. RE: “How do you know those sneaky Russians won’t paint them in rainbow colors and put them on the front lines in Ukraine??? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

            Because Russia doesn’t use T-34 tanks in its military anymore. It uses T-72s and T-90s, the latter being comparable to US/Nato’s best tanks.


      1. And still, the losses mount.


        This is without modern tanks.

        Part of Russia Wagner Group mercenaries are the thousands of untrained prisoners which are sent in as the first wave of human assault. They are killed either by Ukrainian soldiers or Wagner enforcers. Using Russian citizens to absorb ammunition is cheap.

        Moral of the story? It matter little what colors the tanks are painted in the joke.

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      2. The way you see it is from the perspective of someone who hates liberty and freedom unless it is his own.

        Ukraine has proven time and time again that they can overcome supposed obstacles their detractors, such as yourself, see at every turn.

        But you just go ahead and keep underestimating Ukraine, like your hero Putin. It’s going to cost him a lot more than credibility. Which you have already lost.

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