MAGA – Suckered Again.

A few weeks back the MAGA-Republicans around here could hardly contain their glee when it was reported – on right wing media – that Hunter Biden had been paying $49,910 a month to his father for rent on the family home. To these giant MAGA minds it was obvious that this was money being funneled from China – or was it Ukraine – to pay off the “Big Guy.” More proof of the “Biden Crime family” conspiracy theory they love so much. Tucker Carlson spent a whole show telling his marks that President Biden had massively cheated on his tax returns by not showing all this rent and that mysteriously the tax returns had disappeared. (They hadn’t.)

And, my oh my did they complain that MSM did not run with the story. More cover-up and conspiracy was the explanation.

Well, guess what? Hunter Biden did not fill out the rent application in question. An assistant did. And the rent referred to on the “smoking gun” application form was the rent Hunter was paying for a posh office in a DC office building -a fact confirmed by his DC landlord.

It is worth noting that the New York Post’s Miranda Devine was the main spreader of the false interpretation of the form. She tried to walk it back a few days later but the millions who gobbled up her wrong story ignored her correction. If “Miranda Devine” sounds familiar it is because she is the Murdoch reporter whose “analysis” “proves” that Hunter Biden could not have written his email to a colleague about Ukraine without access to classified materials because – well – just because.

10 thoughts on “MAGA – Suckered Again.

  1. I suggest we start a pool. Will the first reply be “SO WHAT” or “FAKE NEWS” or “HOAX” or “BUT THE DEMOCRATS…?”

    My money is on “SO WHAT” with “FAKE NEWS” shortly following.

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  2. Hard to know, Biden’s Treasury Dept, which cheerfully turned over Trump’s tax returns, private by Federal law, to the Democrats to unlawfully make public, is denying the oversight committee access to the “suspicious activity reports” it has on Hunter.



    1. What has this whine got to do with the topic?

      Are you not even a little bit embarrassed how you swallowed and spread the lies about Hunter Biden’s rent?

      As for your whine, Hunter Biden is a private citizen. His personal records are not fair game without due process of law. Of course, Republicans are lying about the nature of SARS. They are triggered automatically based on the size of the transaction.

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  3. RE: “And, my oh my did they complain that MSM did not run with the story. More cover-up and conspiracy was the explanation.”

    Here’s the link to the Forum post.

    Don’t see any complaints about MSM not running the story or any conspiracy theories. Also, it wasn’t “a few weeks back.” The post appeared 12 days ago. Don’t see that it attracted much attention, either.

    Your fantasy is populated by more windmills than usual.


    1. I stand corrected. I must have been thinking of your usual whines about MSM combined with the fact that the source of this story was one of your lying liar websites and not an actual news organization.

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    1. We never should have tipped our hands.

      Once again, the faux cries of corruption in the Biden Administration. Still don’t see any evidence of it. Rudy-think has infiltrated their brains, it seems. “We got theories, but no evidence.” is the new way to proclaim they “know” everything.

      And they completely avoided the actual story. Hunter did not pay $50K in rent to the Big Guy. And they got caught spreading the lie. Not one of them has owned up to it. They should take a lesson from (and it pains me to say this) Mike Pence.

      And I still posit that the “Big Guy” is what the pictures are on his laptop.

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