And so it begins . . .

Steve Scalise has tweeted out the top priorities of the new Republican House.

1 – Defund the 87,000 new IRS agents.

2 – Establish a committee on the weaponization of the federal government against citizens.

3 – End SPR oil sales to China.

4 – Hold woke prosecutors accountable.


1 – It is noteworthy that the top of the list is the intent to hamstring the IRS. If successful they will make it easier for wealthy cheats to avoid paying their legally required taxes. And, according to the CBO, will increase deficits by about $100 Billion.

2 – Simply laughable. But when your base is dominated by conspiracy theorist suckers this is what you have to do.

3 – A little racist pandering for good measure. There are not any significant sales of oil from the SPR to China.

4. More racist pandering.

8 thoughts on “And so it begins . . .

  1. I should have mentioned that they have already emasculated the House Ethics Committee and effectively put a stop to effort to hold to account members who defied the lawful subpoenas of the January 6th committee. I guess obeying the law is for the little people.

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  2. Jordan, the “I know nothing about sex scandal” ex-wrestling coach, said it best when he listed priorities that won’t pass the Senate or the President. He said they would merely set up campaign fodder for 2024.

    The border? Who cares so long as immigration reform is off the table and it hurts the country, provided it makes the Democrats look bad.

    The Freedom Caucus, known affectionately as the TIP* of the GOP, will probably implode eventually, at a great cost to our national credibility.

    *Turd In Punchbowl”😇

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  3. What? No wall?? Again??? I’m shocked! SHOCKED I tell you!

    I also read the reason they use the word “woke” to describe things they don’t like is because “empathetic” makes them look like the bad guys.

    I’ve gotta believe that IRS thing is more about destroying the government than about sparing the rich from paying taxes. The rich already pay no taxes. Witness Trump’s tax returns. Big corporations actually get cash back.

    Seriously, the apes are running the Louvre. They’re thrashing about, throwing poo, beating their chests, screeching, and have absolutely no idea where they are, why they’re there, or what the hell they’re doing.

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    1. “I also read the reason they use the word “woke” to describe things they don’t like is because “empathetic” makes them look like the bad guys. ”

      Charlie Kirk of TPUSA, the most Trump-y of Trump groups, came up with using “woke” as a tool to fool the ignorant. Too bad it works.

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  4. So, in a foreshadowing of a lot of useless effort, the House has already passed a bill to defund the IRS. It has ZERO chance of passing the Senate and even less chance of being signed into law. But there it is. And naturally the Republicans and dutiful right wing media is lying about what it would do. The Fox News headline is . . .

    “House vote to deny IRS hiring 87K new agents causes internet uproar: ‘Which side are you on?’ ”

    It is simply a LIE to say that there are 87K new agents in the current funding. Most of the needed hires are in customer service and administrative positions. But what does the truth matter to people like these?

    etc. etc. etc.

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