37 thoughts on “Sudden Russian Death Syndrome

    1. “How do you know Zelensky didn’t have some or all of them killed?”

      Yes, that makes sense. Zelensky wants anyone who criticizes Putin’s war policy taken out. Thanks for another fine example of the logic that pervades the MAGA-Republican, America-hating right wing.

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      1. Read more carefully.

        I didn’t say he did. but there is no more evidence Putin was involved than Zelensky of Hillary, just speculation.

        Russia is a corrupt and dangerous place, with its own particularly brutal mafia. We have no odea how many people might have wanted this guy, or others, to fall out a window.


          1. Yes, really. Putin is Russian Mafiosa on steroids.

            BUt you love him, the thug. Just like you loved Trump, the thug. If Trump could have had any of his detractors killed, he would have done so. And you would have CHEERED like you won the Mega Millions.

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          2. Is that projection again?

            You know I don’t like Trump, or Putin, or Zelensky.

            Liking them has nothing to do with our national interests.

            But I note that you see assassination as a useful political tool.


          3. The only projection occurring here is by you.

            By mentioning that Trump would have loved to use assassination as a political tool, that does not indicate that I view it as useful.


          4. “You know I don’t like Trump,”..

            You can lie about that as many times as you like, it does not make it true. Your words betray you constantly, but when it is pointed out, you just crawl into a different silo and claim that isn’t really what you said or meant.

            Are you as misunderstood as you claim Trump to be? I call lying liars what they are. Too bad.


          5. “Is that projection again?”

            Seems not. It follows logically from your continuing support of this America-hating fascist thug. You suggest that Adam favors political assassination as a political tool while you defend and support Putin. Now THAT’S projection.

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  1. RE: “Now tell us how Zelensky is a fascist and just as bad as Putin.”

    Why does that even matter? Zelenski is despicable all on his own. Besides, only the shallow-minded think of Putin as a cartoon villain.


        1. “This is why WE LOVE TRUMP and WHY the FAKE NEWS MEDIA HATES TRUMP. He brings to light what the lying, Fake News Media Won’t. The truth is the media covers up horrific numbers of racist hate crimes against White people! https://t.co/G9pP9qCUNM

          — David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) November 29, 2017

          I think you are correct.

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      1. It seemed to me to be a sarcastic parody of what others think about the “Nazis” in Ukraine. Chilling? Hardly. Dark humor, sure. Self effacing Ukrainian humor. Poking holes at the stereotypes fighting Russians.

        I wonder what the rest of the routine was that this snippet was plucked from. Context?

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          1. The video was prior to Zelensky getting into office and treats as common knowledge CIA involvement with the Ukranian Nazis and their predation on ethnic Russians(after they ran out of Jews.)


          2. “(after they ran out of Jews.)”

            As the “lone Jew” here, you are sadly mistaken. The current government was NOT using New-Nazis to target Jews. But you go on and believe whatever you want. It makes you appear very small.

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          3. You really think you can tread the minds of Ukrainians. You keep claiming to know what they are living through, what they think, and what they believe, and what they should do.


          4. Laughing at a comedian does not mean they believe. More like a recognition of the absurdity, which in this case, Russian propaganda about Nazis in Ukraine.

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          5. The video was after the Russian invasion in 2014. He is mocking the idea of Nazis stealing from Russians. Mocking the salute. Mocking the new partner, Vadim, a male for the letter writer, an avowed Nazi.

            BTW, Zelensky grew up speaking Russian, then learned a Ukrainian. He knows Russians.

            We evidently don’t.

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          6. “The video was prior to Zelensky getting into office . . .”

            The reference is to RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA, not to “common knowledge.”

            You are eager to take this as evidence of the Putin “Nazi” claims when in fact its mocking of those claims is evidence of how ludicrous they are.

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          7. “Of course but it acknowledges the common knowledge of the plunder of the CIA sponsored Nazi militias operating against Russian ethnics”

            This is a good example of someone seeing what they want to see. You say the humor is based on “common knowledge” of CIA sponsored Nazis ravaging Russians. I say it is based on common knowledge of Separatist and Russian propaganda.

            If you understand humor and have a little common sense, it is not hard to see that I am right and you are wrong.

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      1. Don’t mind Don and John. They’re just jealous because they admire Putin and want so much to be able to murder political opponents like he does. Their party of choice has already ended our 200 year old tradition of the peaceful transfer of power, but that’s not enough. Violence is all that’s left to weak minds whose ideas are rejected by the majority.

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        1. …”but then believing the allegation without proof is a cartoonish act.”

          Leopards don’t change their spots. You know this, but yet you still stand LOUDLY in support of Putin and his MURDEROUS tendencies.


    1. “Zelenski is despicable all on his own”

      Is that because he wouldn’t give in to Trump? Or is it because you admire Putin so greatly that anyone who stands against him must be “despicable”?

      The only truly despicable acts are Putin invading a neighbor that was NO THREAT to Russia’s sovereignty, Trump kissing Putin’s ass, and YOU consistently, and without regret or acceptance of facts that you don’t like, LOUDLY and PROUDLY projecting Putin as some sort of savior.

      The man is a murderer, a war criminal and needs to be brought to justice for his criminal acts.

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