A Look Back

While prophecies and predictions are fun to discuss, a look back at 2022 is also fun and interesting.

Charlie Sykes does a nice review of 2022. Factual and sourced (links throughout).

I know some of the posters here take issue with The Bulwark. Mostly because they are more accurate than the “sources” used and opinions shared by those who don’t like The Bulwark. Which I find a bit humorous because it is a group of old school conservatives who don’t pull punches on calling out what is considered “conservative” today.

4 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. Cute article. There are some good “look back” and predictions this time of year.

    One of my perennial favorites is Dave Barry’s year in review, partly because he is even handed in his savaging of both political parties and their devotees.


    If this link is paywalled, try this “gifted” link:


    BTW, conservatives can enjoy Barry’s trip through the absurd, the sad, the funny and just plain “WTF, REALLY”.

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      1. I heard him speak decades ago at the Norfolk Forum, a local speakers bureau. He was as good in person as in ink.

        His humor is my favorite kind…the unexpected twists and turns to a finale that tickles the senses.


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