Virginia Agrees To Compensate Fishing Industry For Damage From Offshore Wind

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This story would be funny if it weren’t sad.

Virginia’s offshore wind facilities stand to cut the profits of commercial fishermen. No problem, we’ll just give the fishermen some money to restore their income!

Someone should notice that fish eaters will then be paying for fish they don’t get to eat.

More profoundly, we seem to have entered a dysfunctional era in which the socio-political response to profit loss is to create non-profit organizations to redistribute captured monies, replacing third-party profits with donations.

This is worse than paying fishermen not to fish. This is paying fishermen to stay in business when there are no fish to catch.

One thought on “Virginia Agrees To Compensate Fishing Industry For Damage From Offshore Wind

  1. Well, it could be worse. The Maine Lobster fishery is under attack because it is alleged to be a threat to the endangered Right Whale, even though there is no recorded case of a Right Whale dying of entanglement in lobster gear.

    What is a threat to all whale species is the subsonic vibrations of wind turbines which interfere with the whale’s echolocation.


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