4 thoughts on “The Mediocrity of British intelligence vividly displayed in string of Terrorist Attacks Against Russia

  1. Why are attacks against Russia “terrorist” attacks. The Russian strategy of slaughtering, torturing and raping civilians are truly terrorist attacks by an undisciplined, pathetic military.

    The Russian strategy of blowing up infrastructure is truly terrorism. On a grand scale.

    Putin is hell bent on totally destroying what he can’t have. And he doesn’t care how many people, Russian or Ukrainian, he will kill. He fears European and NATO expansion on his borders and the rest of us are supposed to acquiesce to his fears while ignoring a threat from Russia on the same borders.

    NATO has attacked no one, but Russia has attacked Georgia, Moldova, Chechnya and now a Ukraine. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Answer: Putin is an anathema to the world.

    He deserves a united front from the West to oppose and, if needed, destroy his evil ambitions.

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      1. “There are no good guys in this”

        You say it, but NEVER prove it. Freedom loving leaders, such as Zelensky, who’s only guilt is to protect his country from invaders and infiltrators, are good guys. You just don’t like him because he told your boy to find his own dirt.


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