New Study Finds The Rest Of The World Supports China And Russia

Source: Caitlin’s Newsletter.

What’s it going to take for Americans and their political class to grasp that they are not the cool kids of the planet?

“Among the 1.2bn people who inhabit the world’s liberal democracies, three-quarters (75%) now hold a negative view of China, and 87% a negative view of Russia,” the report reads. “However, for the 6.3bn people who live in the rest of the world, the picture is reversed. In these societies, 70% feel positively towards China, and 66% positively towards Russia.”

Antidotes to propaganda and “Three Wise Monkeyism” are my guess.

6 thoughts on “New Study Finds The Rest Of The World Supports China And Russia

    1. RE: “Skewing numbers perhaps?”

      The story contains a link to the Cambridge study on which it is based. If there is some flaw in the methodology, you should be able to find it.


      1. Words have meanings. “Feeling positive” about one place over another is not the same as SUPPORTING. Big difference. I fell positive about NYC. I don’t “support” it.

        And when liberal democracies support each other, and don’t throw stones, ( a la Mr. Trump),they gain support among those NOT under the thumbs of autocrats, dictators, and the like.


  1. “ Bertrand highlights data in the study showing that US-aligned nations’ opinion of China began plummeting not after the Covid outbreak in late 2019, but after 2017 when the US began ramping up its propaganda campaign against Beijing.”

    A failed trade war then vehement anti-China pandemic (“Kung flu”) rhetoric by the last administration was well received by the right wing here. This was all part of the “America First” isolationist movements.

    Of course, Chinese trade policies were, and still are, lopsided in their favor. And I am sure Xi is reveling in the partisan split and conspiracy mongering coupled with the loss of trust in our elections, the bedrock of any democratic representative government.

    Russia similarly benefited from our divide.

    We are pitching dirt clods at each other while they both went about their business of global influence. China’s Silk Road initiative was smart politics. Russia offered little other than military muscle for rent to dictators. Plus oil and gas.

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      1. We were “the last man standing” after WW2.

        Then MIC, the Cold War and its subsidiaries, and hubris brought us to the recession. The recession culminated in MAGA which gave us 1/6. We might not recover from that attack to resume our leadership roles or even as a democracy.

        That is modern American history in about 50 words or less.

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