Is there a training program for how to convince voters that elections are rigged?

Uncanny how Bolsonaro and Trump follow the same game plan to sow distrust in elections. Evil demagogues speak several languages, but say the same thing. And we thought our ex-president was unique. I wonder if Bolsonaro gets a referral fee.

PS: The article should be available to those who can’t (or won’t) access NYT.

5 thoughts on “Is there a training program for how to convince voters that elections are rigged?

    1. Include who ever you want. But Bolsonaro and Trump were in a mutual admiration society.

      Clinton was just saying what everybody knows, and affirming Bolsonaro’s and Trump’s vision for overturning or ignoring elections.

      Republicans already tried once with the effort to force the VP to reject electoral results through violence.

      Now, after 2 years of the Big Lie (repetition is key for the masses), we are witnessing another major effort to install deniers, create chaos at the polls and line up lawsuits in advance. It’s the “we have theories, but no evidence” strategy so eloquently offered by the ex-president’s crack legal team.

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    1. Actually, you may dismiss the concerns about discrediting our elections and the peaceful transfer of power, but without that all the other issues are moot.

      Around 300 or so GOP candidates for federal and state positions have not accepted 2020 and they will not say whether they will accept November’s results unless they win.

      You may think that is no big deal, your choice of course, but undermining the one key attribute of a Western democracy is a step towards anarchy, civil war and/or autocracy.

      There are a lot of relatively controversial, but mostly temporary, changes in a country like healthcare systems, taxation, regulations, etc. However, they will not mean much without faith in the election process. Once the voice of the people, agreeable to you or not, is silenced you have no standing whatsoever. See Russia under Putin or China under Xi.



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