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  1. So what? Politicians change parties quite often, Arlen Spector was one in my younger days that resonated with me. I had voted for him early in my voting life.

    She can leave the party and she will end up losing her seat. I doubt Hawaiians will want her representing them any more.

    But then again, many will say they didn’t leave the party; the party left them.

    So I ask again: So what?

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    1. Tulsi Gabbard is no longer a member of Congress. And she will never be one again. This is an attempt to take the money and run. That is about the best thing a crackpot and troll can do for themself. IMHO.

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      1. Interesting that you would turn against one of your own so harshly. Reminds me of someone else you always complain about doing the same thing. Are you two peas in a pod? Me thinks so…


  2. I linked the story to a different thread but it appears at least a few Democrat’s are waking up to their party’s constant use of wokeness, racism, shredding of the constitution and devisive rhetoric to demonize half the country which is exactly opposite of what Biden ran on. At least it’s a start, good for her.


      1. OK, Democrats are elitist. They are totally unconcerned with the hardships their policies cause the middle class.

        Democrats are warmongers, there is no declaration of war against Russia, but we are helping Ukraine kill their soldiers.



        1. “They are totally unconcerned with the hardships their policies cause the middle class.”

          You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to say you are full of …it.

          If you want to talk about not caring about hardships caused by policies. let’s talk abortion. You seem very concerned about the life of the unborn and show ZERO concern for the vessel of that fetus. And when that fetus is forced to be carried to term, you care even less about a child, unwanted by his or her parents going into foster care or worse. You care NOTHING for the middle class. And to say that the Democrats are unconcerned about the middle class is an attempt to say the GOP does. They only care about votes and power. And then they do NOTHING for the MC with that power, Just sit on their ELITIST seats and tell woman what to do with their bodies, that guns can be passed around like Kit-Kats on Halloween, and rake in the big dark money dollars to fund their excursions.

          Screw that and the hypocritic horse you rode in on.

          …”there is no declaration of war against Russia,”

          The hasn’t been a declaration of war by Congress since World War II. And both parties have used the Use of Force put in place during Bush II’s administration. And yet it has been Tim Kaine who has repeatedly attempted to introduce retraction of that power. Doesn’t sound like a “warmonger” to me.

          And by supporting Democracy in the world, you call it killing invading soldiers. You want the killing to stop, tell Putin to pull his troops out, return the regions to Ukraine and work on a DIPLOMATIC solution to those regions.

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          1. Wow, where did you get all of that unsubstantiated nonsense, a copy of Luria’s playbook. You know babbling a bunch of false personal accusations doesn’t make for a reasoned dialog.


          2. Why do you hate facts as much as you hate the “other”?

            Tell me where I am wrong. Please inform me of your vast superior knowledge of facts. And where exactly did I make “a bunch of false personal accusations? All I did was call Don out for his usual hypocrisy. Not a personal attack; just a reasoned observation based on his own words.

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          3. Opposing abortion is to protect the innocent, and opposition to gun control is to protect the middle class and poor who cannot afford paid bodyguards like the elite.

            Putin pulling out will not stop the killing. The Azov Brigade would reform and resume killing ethnic Russians in the Donbas like they were in the decade before the Russians came in.


          4. “Opposing abortion is to protect the innocent”..

            No it isn’t. It is about control. GOVERNMENT control which you usually find to be abhorrent. The decision concerning a woman’s body should be left to the woman and her doctor, with REASONABLE restriction on later terminations.

            Gun control is about protecting people from INDISCRIMNATE use of firearms. REASONABLE gun control measures can be legislated. But gun ZEALOTS think ANY kind of control is an infringement on their rights. My right to live without fear of some moron with a gun who doesn’t like my politics or opinions is infringed by UNFETTERED access to guns.

            “Putin pulling out will not stop the killing”

            Tell that to the CIVILIAN populace having missiles rained down on their heads daily because the Ukrainian military performed a military action in defense of THEIR country.

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          5. Would you leave the decision to a woman whether to kill someone else’s baby? If not then why leave the decision to her to kill her own, One of the few legitimate functions of government is to protect our lives.

            Access to guns is not unfettered. The NRA designed and supported the NICS database system to help keep guns out of the wrong hands, It’s a good law that goes largely unenforced.

            The gun control laws Democrats seek to pass prevent ME from defending myself.


      1. Funny, it was a free registration to read the entre piece through my Google News feed.

        Associating with a cult and being controlled by its leader causes her words to not be her own. If you took the time to ATTEMPT to read the link, which I have an easy time believing that you chose not to read it, as opposed to it being paywalled, you would see what I am talking about. But then again you are the the Trump cult, so birds of a feather…

        And the sources in the story are her own family, plus others who escaped from the cults grasp.

        Once again you poo-poo a legitimate news source (not even an American one) because it tells you a story you don’t want to hear.

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        1. The story oozes left wing conspiracy theory that includes “may” explain. Well “may”be not. Who cares what a leftist rag has to spin from nothing. Only good for a laugh.


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