The Truth Begins to Trickle Out

The Trump administration was “… an administration uniquely unsuited to meet the demands of a pandemic.”

That has to be the understatement of the year!

Even I was surprised to learn that Trump lied about having tested positive for COVID when he met with Chris Christie to prepare for the Presidential debates. He gave Christie the virus and then, true to form, blamed Christie for having given him the virus.

17 thoughts on “The Truth Begins to Trickle Out

  1. Being paywalled, I was surprised to learn that WAPO has so many suckers who pay for far left wing trash that claims OWS, that brought 2 of 3 vaccines to arms before Biden and the other before he could buy a new chair for the oval office, and Fauci as the lead for all pandemic efforts were “unsuited” to meet the demands of a pandemic. Next time anyone gets a vaccine just say thank you President Trump.


    1. If drinking bleach had worked, I’d be saying “thank you President Trump.” Unfortunately, his magic mouth produced the usual results. Convincing his cult the virus was a “hoax” killed a lot of people. It was fortunate for our country that Dr. Fauci was hired before Trump came along. Trump’s ONLY criteria for hiring anyone was their personal loyalty to him. And, as a loyal cult member, I’m sure you were among those calling for Dr. Fauci to be fired for suggesting people should wear masks and avoid crowds.

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      1. Did you get vaccinated? Warp speed development, availability and adminstration was all on his watch, thank you President Trump. If you care to drink bleach, that’s on you but Trump never said that. That may be what left wing trash WAPO claims but fact checkers throw the BS flag.

        Now that is truth if you missed it years ago.


        1. And there was, in fact, research done on delivery ultraviolet light to the bronchial tubes by a fiber optic device, but it proved impractical. Nonetheless, serious researchers pursued the idea.


        2. Yes. TFG effectively got vaccines available. I have always given him credit for that. It was, IMO, the one thing he got right, especially wrt the pandemic.

          But he DID tell Dr. Birx about possibly considering ingesting bleach. During a press conference. And some of the more gullible followers tried it.

          If you want the truth, you better include the entire story.


  2. Paywalled, and 12 ft ladder fails. It was good while it lasted.

    20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing. But in truth the “science” changed weekly early on.

    Still. Trump acted on the best advice he had at the time, and left Biden with vaccines and therapeutics that prevented a catastrophe.

    And yet Biden still was able to have more people die on his watch than Trump in spite of the vaccines and improved therapies.


  3. Sorry about the paywall. I thought the WP articles about COVID were still free. Apparently, they aren’t doing that anymore. The article is worth a read if you can access a free copy from your public library. The title of the article is “Settling scores or telling truths? Trump-era memoirs reveal covid chaos” and it quotes a lot of information from recently published books from people like Jared Kushner, Kelly Ann Conway, etc. (My favorite quote was from Chris Christie.)

    I do agree that things were chaos in the beginning of the pandemic. I do not agree that Trump acted on the best advice he had at the time. Even his biggest butt-kissers weren’t telling him the virus was a “Democrat hoax,” but that’s what he told his cult many, many times. And they believed it. He let the situation devolve into a political issue rather than a scientific/medical issue. It became a matter of proving your loyalty to Trump by not wearing a mask. Wearing a freakin’ mask became a political issue! And it still is! That should never have happened!

    More people have died from COVID on Biden’s watch because COVID started on Trump’s watch and was only around for a little over a year, but it was a full-blown pandemic, with refrigerated trucks doubling as morgues outside of hospitals, before Biden took over almost two years ago.

    Also, the vaccines may have been developed on Trump’s watch but his cult refused to take them. They still do. They still believe the virus is a hoax and the vaccines are a “gubmint plot” to put microchips in their brains so they can be tracked. They are the reason the pandemic has lasted longer and killed more people than it should have.

    In the Trump era, people died because hospitals couldn’t get respirators and didn’t have the PPP they needed. In the Biden era, unvaccinated people are dying, not because they can’t get the vaccines, but because they won’t take the vaccines.

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    1. Good assessment of the article. What is left out is the degree of legacy suspicion of vaccines. At a rally last year, Trump tried to implore his faithful to get the shot.
      He was soundly booed.

      To his credit, he did what many first world countries did and guarantee monies to the pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines. But by then he had politicized any mitigation, such as masking, and went silent on the questioning of conspiracies that took the jab from the sublime to the ridiculous.

      In my opinion, he created MAGA and it bit him on the butt. So he prostituted himself and his message just to keep the fames of adoration burning brightly. After all, he needs the angry mob to help him through his self-induced legal morass.

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    2. When did Trump call COVID a Democrat hoax?

      He did say some things that I think went too far in trying to allay fears, but he never claimed COVID was not real.

      But tell me why it has taken longer to come up with an updated Omicron booster than it took to come up with the original vaccines?

      Operation Warp Speed was a triumph of motivation over bureaucracy, and as I see it, Biden frittered away a magnificent head start.


  4. Bob,
    Yes, I got vaccinated… twice. And boosted… twice. And I’ll probably get a third booster. Because the virus is still here and it is evolving (yes, evolution does happen!). The virus is alive and well and evolving because the MAGA cult is hosting it.

    At the last press conference he was allowed to have before his handlers finally convinced him to STFU, Trump suggested bleach would kill the virus. I watched the conference. That is what he said… among other equally “enlightened” suggestions. Our nation was in a crisis. It was not a time to be making uninformed comments to a public desperate for answers. Real Presidents don’t do that.

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    1. So you dont like facts from fact checkers, got it. Maybe that’s what your liberal head wanted to hear but he never said to ingest bleach, FACT.


  5. Don,
    A simple Google search will turn up multiple times Trump called COVID a “Democrat hoax.” One example was at a rally on February 28, 2020:

    “NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — President Donald Trump accused Democrats of “politicizing” the deadly coronavirus during a campaign rally here on Friday, claiming that the outbreak is “their new hoax” as he continued to downplay the risk in the U.S.”

    You say Trump was “trying to allay fears.” I say Trump was trying to keep the stock market from crashing from fear of what a pandemic could do to the economy. So, yeah, in that sense he was “trying to allay fears.” He didn’t give a damn whether little Billy was scared his grandma was going to die. He didn’t want Billy’s dad to pull his bucks out of the market.

    The virus had started in China in 2019. By February 2020, it was just beginning to take hold in the US. Trump was telling people not to worry about the virus, it was just the Democrats playing another “hoax.” In March 2020, they shut down New York.

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    1. On Feb 29, 2020, Anthony Fauci said that COVID would not require Americans to make changes in how they lived.

      Fauci also said it would fade in the summer, something Trump has often been criticized for repeating.

      A lot of what we thought we knew proved wrong early on.

      Trump called some Democrat statements about COVID hoaxes, but he took CVOID seriously from the beginning, putting gin travel restrictions before the CDC recommended them.

      Trump took the vaccine as soon as it was available even though he had already had and recovered from COVID. to set an example.


      1. Evolution in science, especially with a new virus, happens SO responses have to evolve.

        “Trump took the vaccine as soon as it was available”…

        Never saw any pictures of that. Just reporting that he did. A real vaccine supporter, him.


  6. Don,
    I’m sure Trump knew the virus was not a hoax. He’s not totally stupid. He’s a liar. Point is, he told his cult it was a hoax, perpetrated by Democrats to make him look bad. And they believed his lie.

    Fauci and the rest of the CDC said a lot of things under pressure to downplay the severity of the virus. Trump repeated what he wanted to repeat.

    Good leaders know who to listen to. That’s what good leaders do. e.g. Eisenhower probably couldn’t compute artillery fire, but he knew who could… and he listened to his commanders. Good leaders pick people for jobs based on competency, not personal loyalty. There were probably Generals Ike knew hated his guts, but they could fight, so he gave them the job, took their advice, and got the hell outta their way.

    Trump could not/would not do that. It’s only by the Grace of God there were people like Dr. Fauci, left over from previous administrations, that we muddled through those four f’ed up years. If Trump had filled Facui’s job, we might have had Sidney Powell or the Pillow Guy running the show. It was bad enough we had Kushner “helping out.”

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  7. New evidence about Trump’s level of stupidity has just crossed my email box.

    Trump just reposted a quote from “fake-Ivanka” on his TruthSocial account.

    “The fake quote warned her compatriots to avoid the “useless vaccines” and “cure yourself naturally at home” because the Biden administration was “trying to manipulate you.”

    Either Trump wasn’t aware he wasn’t re-truthing his own daughter, or he has decided to go full monty on the COVID-hoax thing. Either way, he just dropped another ten levels on the stupidity scale.

    It also got his TruthSocial app banned from the Google Play store.

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