The Dominos start falling

Becker News, Timothy Thibeault has left the building

There are multiple sources, but this one goes into more detail.

Congressional investigations are coming and whistleblowers are coming forward.

16 thoughts on “The Dominos start falling

  1. I noted the other day just how gullible you are. This confirms it. Don’t look at the rogue President trying to overthrow the election and then slinking away with national security secrets. Oh no! Look at Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

    Hey, while visiting the Becker News site don’t miss getting your “up to 66%” discount on your next pillow.

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      1. I can promise you that I am not “desperate” over some bullshit story in the bullshit media propping up the criminal Trump.

        People have already been run out of the FBI for finding Trump despicable. This may be another one. So what? If you ever come up with evidence that their holding him in contempt caused them to commit a crime, let me know. Durham has labored for three years with exactly this purpose and, unlike you, has access to what has actually been done to protect our country. He has come up with zilch.

        This is just another sad and minor chapter in the endless fantasy where you people get your hopes up based on next to nothing only to have those hopes dashed again and again leaving you to deal with the essential truth – you are a bunch of suckers who have been repeatedly conned.

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        1. Criminal?

          Well, the FBI, knowing full well it was real, buried the Laptop revelations as Russian disinformation until safely after the election, and pressured social media to do the same.

          Is the FBI intervening to influence an election not a violation of the Hatch Act, and many other restrictions?

          Most Americans agree that tipped the election


          1. Criminal?

            You are damn right Trump is a criminal. Ten times over. Sex crimes. Fraud. Bribery. Extortion. Tax evasion. Discrimination. Sedition. Obstruction. And now a host of new crimes over his theft, mishandling and sharing of government secrets.

            Most Americans agree the FBI tipped the election. Damn right they did – in 2016. And as for the current push poll, baloney. You have personally explained many times how easy it is to get the result you want by shaping the questions.

            With respect to the lap top, it provenance was squirrelly beyond belief and, in fact, there was nothing on it of a criminal nature having to do with candidate Biden. So, what did you want to happen. Maybe the Director of the FBI holding a press conference to denounce Joe Biden over nothing? That worked so well for the country in 2016.

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          2. Your hatred does not change the facts.

            You had a cow because Russia ran a few facebook ads in 2016,

            But it’s OK that the FBI hid evidence of the Biden family’s corruption.

            Your tribal hatred blinds you to the real election tampering


          3. “But it’s OK that the FBI hid evidence of the Biden family’s corruption.”

            What corruption do you think you are talking about? The “Big Guy” reference? That was with Biden out of office. What else?

            How does it even make sense that the FBI could hide something? You people have had the contents of that laptop for about three years now. You haven’t shown us squat.

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  2. RE: “Congressional investigations are coming and whistleblowers are coming forward.”


    I am beginning to think the AG may reverse course on prosecuting Trump.


    1. I don’t think there is much chance of an indictment. If there is, the redactions affidavit will be exposed, and the FBI can’t risk being caught lying to a judge again.


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