Sorry Tarheels, Virginia Invented Barbecue

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

Oh my.

“Barbecue was created in Virginia,” Freeman stated with confidence. “It was the combination of Native Americans, enslaved African Americans, and Europeans. That mixture was not happening anywhere else at the time. You’ve got pigs and vinegar from Europeans, you’ve got some smoking techniques from Native Americans, and then you’ve got not only the seasoning techniques of Africans, and later African Americans, but really knowing how to cook something low and slow.”

Life must have been good back in them days.

3 thoughts on “Sorry Tarheels, Virginia Invented Barbecue

    1. “If ever I meet one of [those] Texas waddies who ain’t drunk water from a hoofprint, I think I’ll… I’ll shake their hand or buy ’em a Daniel Webster cigar.”
      Rooster Cogburn


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