Daily Beast: Putin World Declares ‘Our Agent Trump’ Is Irreversibly Screwed


Apparently even Putin is concerned about his “agent” in America.

I don’t normally post from DB, as they can be a bit hyperbolic. But sometimes something pops up that deserves to be shared.

15 thoughts on “Daily Beast: Putin World Declares ‘Our Agent Trump’ Is Irreversibly Screwed

        1. RE: “Why are they wrong this time?”

          Maybe the quotes are taken out of context and you and Mr. Green don’t recognize Russian irony.


          1. Context? We don’t need no stinking context. QUOTED reports form Russian news agencies are used by someone other than Mr. Roberts and all of a sudden they are unreliable?



          1. Really? You got proof of that? Or are you just saying it because a Russian news outlet said what it said and it didn’t comport with your Putin-loving view of the word?


          2. RE: “You got proof of that?”

            Yes. You clearly stated that the Daily Beast item deserves to be shared.


          3. That does not mean I was duped. It means they posted a NEWS story that was interesting and contends that Russian media believes that Trump is an agent of their country.

            I was not duped just because John Todd Roberts says so.


          4. ” RE: noticed it, too.”

            That jut proves how desperate you are, using your OTHER sign in to claim you have superior knowledge. Because RE noticed anything means absolutely nothing in the real world.


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