What is really going on?

Reuter’s Congressman Perry’s cell phone seized.

There was a time when we would presume the FBI to be politically neutral, and that when private communications were examined, anything not relevant to criminal prosecution would remain private and not be stored. But the current FBI has proven a leak factory and a political spying operation.

So, we have a problem. Perry’s phone has the names of Freedom Caucus donors and whistleblowers in the bureaucracy. In this FBI, we can be assured those will be passed on to the DNC for retaliation and the whistleblowers will at the least be kept out of the loop.

The Mar A Lago documents the Archive had an interest in were kept in a storage closet in the basement. The last communication between the Archivists and FBI and Trumps organization was in June and it was a request for a stronger lock on the door, which was complied with in one day. There was no indication there was a problem with the progress of the negotiations. Remember that in 2016, President Obama took 90,000 pages of Presidential documents to Chicago, on the promise they would eb returned to the Archives after they were digitized and non-classified documents placed online by the Obama Presidential Library. To date, no such database exists and the documents have not been returned. Has Obama’s storage facility been raided?

But the FBI didn’t just search the records storage closet. Trump’s private papers were also taken and Melania’s clothing was also searched.

So, what are they really looking for? Do they even know, or was the Archive issue just an excuse for political espionage? What information might have been there about future political strategies and how fast will it have gotten to the DNC?

At one time, we would not have had to worry about such things. but with Biden’s weaponized DOJ, we must assume the worst, because that is where we are now.

38 thoughts on “What is really going on?

  1. “At one time, we would not have had to worry about such things. ”

    At one time we did not have a president resort to violence to stay in office after losing an election decisively.

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    1. I don’t recall Trump shooting, looting, torching or beating anyone up or any other form of violence inherent in Democrat culture. Could you explain what you mean?


  2. Boo effing hoo.

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. There is no good reason why those showing probable cause for having committed serious crimes should get a pass by law enforcement. And that is doubly true of people elected to high office.

    Your imaginary conspiracy in which the FBI and all of its agents in the know are corrupt is beyond laughable. You should be embarrassed to play the role of parrot for these conspiracy theory shitheads.

    BTW, where were you when Hillary Clinton’s personal emails were being perused and leaked by hostile actors? And that was by a committee which McCarthy bragged had accomplished its goal of political damage. Answer: Eating it up.

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    1. Clinton’s personal emails should remain private, and if they were leaked those responsible should be prosecuted.

      Her official emails as Sect of State are public record, subject to classification.

      What probable cause? That remains sealed and DOJ will not say what it was.

      What other explanation can you offer for getting a warrant to search the residence of a former President and political opponent from an administrative magistrate, not even a real judge, who has a social media history of virulent opposition to Trump and who had previously recused himself from a suit involving Trump? This is probably the most controversial search warrant in US history and they had to find a partisan hack administrative magistrate to get it done? At the very least, this should have gone before a Circuit Court Federal Judge.


      1. “That remains sealed and DOJ will not say what it was.”

        DO you understand the reasoning behind that or do you just want to be conspiratorial in ALL of your rants? Details such as the affidavits are sealed information to protect 1) the individual being investigated and 2) the INTEGRITY of the investigation.

        But speculate away. You sound more delusional each and every time.

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          1. The point you KEEP missing is that the procedures of investigation are being followed. The entire episode is fraught with too many pitfalls and issues as to allow it to devolve into what YOU claim to be happening.

            …”conspiracy theory has become the most reasonable explanation.”

            Only to those who WANT that to be true.

            Desperate people do desperate things. You are coming off as extremely desperate.

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          2. “The point you are missing. . . reasonable explanation.”

            There is NOTHING reasonable about the bullshit you are peddling.

            The DOJ is meticulously following the law and established procedures in this matter. And that includes providing the searched party with a copy of the search warrant and an inventory of the materials removed. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or has been duped.

            The facts are very clear except to the willfully stupid.
            1. Trump removed and destroyed classified materials and Presidential records
            2. He should not have done that.
            3. He got caught.
            4. The government has given him the benefit of every doubt even as it has taken months for what should have been done in hours.
            5. The government received recent credible evidence that he was still holding government materials.
            6. They presented the evidence to a judge, got a legal warrant and politely executed it.

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          3. Does he? Or have the documents been scanned but not yet uploaded to the database and the originals are in the hands of the National Archives?

            Your have spent so much time speculating lately, it is hard to tell when you have proof or not.

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          4. “And yet Obama still has 90,000 pages of Presidential documents in Chicago but you have no problem there.”

            Uh, the National Archives has a long history of working together with former Presidents to safeguard materials in bona fide Presidential libraries. Since you have offered no cite for this lame whataboutism I assume that this is what you are referring to…


            Comparing a NARA supervised Presidential library with an uncatalogued trove of purloined documents in the basement of Mar-a-Lago is monumentally stupid or dishonest. Take your pick.

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          5. “That was a negotiated solution.”

            Again and again. Laughable! Almost beyond belief.

            Trump was not negotiating in good faith. He does not have a Presidential Library and no apparent intention of creating one. He stole documents, failed to return them, and got caught. Period.

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  3. RE: “At one time, we would not have had to worry about such things. but with Biden’s weaponized DOJ, we must assume the worst, because that is where we are now.”

    Agreed. I have seen lots of commentary since Monday’s raid to the effect that the FBI has always been considered something of a rogue operation within law enforcement circles, able to function ingloriously due to the cover of great Hollywood PR. Perhaps we are just beginning to see the real FBI through the fog of propaganda.


        1. And he had to be pardoned by his successor to prevent criminal charges being filed.

          @Don/Roberts. If you’re gonna throw crap out there, throw out the “whole enchilada”.

          I once again suggest you read the Jonah Goldberg piece I posted in another thread and take a breath.

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  4. “Perry’s phone has the names of Freedom Caucus donors and whistleblowers in the bureaucracy. In this FBI, we can be assured those will be passed on to the DNC for retaliation and the whistleblowers will at the least be kept out of the loop.

    Your speculation grow more outlandish by the hour.

    I recall you not having ANY issue with Trump’s ACTUAL attempts to weaponize the DOJ against his political foes. Now it is, in your mind, the MO of the FBI to do just that. And it is all just SPECUALION with no basis in fact. Just like your Clinton distraction technique by “forcing” the House to interrogate her for 11 hours. (Which she did by the way, without subpoena. Can any of the current GOP conspirators say that?)

    Keep in mind that Perry was HEAVILY involved in the ILLEGAL “fake electors” scheme that would have thrown the Congress into a constitutional crisis. It is a probably criminal act that requires investigation. Probable cause is all over this like ketchup on the WH dining room wall on Jan 6th.

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  5. …”but with Biden’s weaponized DOJ,”

    Proof or speculation? It was TFG who ACTUALLY weaponized the DOJ. Biden has stayed OUT OF IT, not even being made aware of the search warrant being served.

    Garland is doing his job as an INDEPENDENT agency, outside of and above, politics. But you see it with whatever colored glasses you want. When the truth comes out, will you just slink away or admit that ALL of your speculation was just so much fertilizer?

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  6. “There was a time when we would presume the FBI to be politically neutral,…”

    Yeah, that time was when the FBI publicly announced it was reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails just 11 days before an election. But now, when Christopher Wray (appointed by Trump) gets legal search and seizure warrants and pulls documents from Mar-a-Lago, the FBI is no longer “politically neutral.”

    The FBI didn’t need to seize Perry’s phone to “get the names of Freedom Caucus donors.” You can be sure they’ve had those names for a long time. The FBI seized Perry’s phone to get evidence on the illegal elector’s scheme in Pennsylvania. And if they didn’t already have a lot of evidence, they would never have been able to get a warrant to seize the phone.

    The warrant for the raid on Mar-a-Lago contained the names of specific documents the FBI knew were there. Trump could release a copy of that warrant any time he wants. He has chosen not to release that information. The FBI, particularly this FBI, does not “leak” information. If those document titles prove Trump is innocent, why doesn’t he “leak” them? If he only wanted the documents to write his memoirs, that’s one thing. If the documents were things such as “enemies lists of foreign dictators” that he could sell at a future date, or transcripts of private conversations with Putin, that’s another thing.

    The job of the FBI is to enforce the law. And, as conservatives used to say, nobody is above the law. Innocent people don’t take the Fifth. Innocent people don’t require the FBI to get search and seizure warrants.

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    1. Trump has asked the court to require the warrant be made public. I have seen no evidence presented that Trump has a copy of the warrant. A lot pf pundits have assumed he has it because he should. But then he wouldn’t have to go to court for something he already had.

      And, what makes you think the warrant was legally obtained? The probable cause has not been revealed and the FBI went to an administrative magistrate on record as being virulently anti-Trump for a warrant so important it should have been from a Circuit Court judge at least. So, you have a warrant with a concealed probable cause issued by a partisan back bencher yet you assume it is proper and legal? Why?


      1. “Trump has asked the court to require the warrant be made public”

        That is because he wants the FBI to HAVE to release it. Even though he could if it was just about getting the truth out there.

        “The probable cause has not been revealed”…

        Nor does it have to be to the public. The magistrate signed off on it. And unlike Pirro, he is a sitting magistrate and knows the law. IF the probable cause was presented to him and he found it reasonable, he signed off on the warrant. Trying to paint him as virulently anti-Trump (by just saying so) is as bad as Trump claiming a federal judge in Indiana cold not rule objectively because he was Mexican by ethnicity.

        The only one here assuming anything (and everything) my good doctor, is YOU.

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      2. “ The Justice Department obtained a search warrant and the FBI executed it. As a result, three entities have the document: The court, federal law enforcement, and Donald Trump and his team.

        Judicial rules prevent the court from disclosing a search warrant that is under seal. With this in mind, Republicans have spent the last couple of days demanding that the Justice Department satisfy their curiosity and release the relevant records, but that’s not an option, either.

        Indeed, federal law enforcement is bound by secrecy rules that exist not only to protect the integrity of ongoing investigations, but also to protect those facing scrutiny. In the recent past, Republicans insisted that high-ranking Justice Department and FBI officials agree that releasing information about uncharged individuals is wrong.”


        Trump is playing games…again. He know that he is the only one who can release the search warrant he has in his possession.

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        1. Disclosing the probable cause to the subject of the warrant does not place him in peril.

          That said. I just heard Christina Bobb say that the agents did give her part of the warrant, omitting the justification for the warrant and a catalog of what was taken.


          1. “Disclosing the probable cause to the subject of the warrant does not place him in peril.”

            It puts the integrity of the investigation in jeopardy and also allows the subject of the investigation opportunity to destroy other evidence that may not yet have been discovered or requested.

            If she is claiming she doesn’t have the receipt, she should check her panty hose. 😇

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      3. “Trump has asked the court to require the warrant be made public.”

        Uh, no. That would be the DOJ. It had done its best to keep the whole affair low-key but Trump was not having it.


        As for your silly conspiracy theories and baseless slanders aimed at the FBI and the judge, there is no polite way to put it. You are full of shit. It is getting worse every day. Try to get a grip. We are pulling for you.

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  7. “There was a time when we would presume the FBI to be politically neutral…”

    Real quick, type in the words “J. Edgar Hoover” or “COINTELPRO” into a search engine of your choice and let us know what you find.

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      1. The maintenance of power is the very nature of policing.

        I think the raid is indicative of just how brazen Trump is about his corruption, rather than a sudden political shift by an organization created to eliminate leftists during the first red scare.

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